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The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is situated in the heart of Kuranda Village and offers a unique close-up experience with butterflies. The sanctuary was opened in 1987 and operates as an all-weather activity. Guided tours are conducted every 15 minutes where you will learn all the fascinating aspects of the butterfly life cycle and behaviour.

Did you know... that female butterflies only mate once in their lifetime and store the semen to fertilise her eggs later on in life? The male on the other hand spends his entire life chasing female butterflies. The females are especially attracted to male butterflies that contain plenty of salt and nutrients which they obtain from sucking pond water rich in nutrients.

When you visit the Butterfly Sanctuary be sure to wear white, red or hot pink clothing as butterflies are attracted to these colours, mistaking them for flowers! This is because they radiate in the ultra violet spectrum. Butterflies also sport warning colours on their wings to warn predators that they are dangerous. However, some butterflies mimic the colours to pretend that they are dangerous. These colours are red, orange and yellow.

The Butterfly Sanctuary is home to the gorgeous bright blue and black Ulysses butterfly as well as the Cairns Birdwing which is the largest butterfly in Australia. Come and see for yourself and be dazzled by the beauty of nature!