Swim with Minke Whales - Great Barrier Reef | Cairns | Port Douglas

The Great Barrier Reef is the only location in the world where you can swim with these highly inquisitive Dwarf Minke whales. These Minke whales show up on the northern section of the Great Barrier Reef called the Ribbon Reefs during the months of June & July. They were only discovered here around 12 years ago and scientists and scuba divers have been fascinated ever since. Where do they come from and where do they go? These answers are yet to be found. The best and most guaranteed way to swim with these friendly whales is to book a liveaboard dive trip from Cairns. Dive and snorkel the best dive spots in the world on these trips over the next 3 - 7 nights and really see and experience the Great Barrier Reef in all its glory. Our liveaboard dive experiences are a life changing event on the Great Barrier Reef and not to be missed by animal lovers. Other opportunities to swim with a Minke whale may present itself on a day tor from Port Douglas if the whales are feeling friendly. There are only 2 dat trip boats in Port Douglas that have the swim with whales permits so when a whale approaches the boat they will allow swimmers in the water. These are not dedicated swim with whale tours they are just a bonus to the days dedicated dive and snorkel tours. Don't leave your swim with the whales dive and snorkel tour booking to the last minute as these liveaboard boat trips sell out fast.

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