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If you really want to see the Great Barrier Reef then an overnight tour snorkelling & dive trip is the ultimate way to see the reef in all it's glory up on the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs. From 2 day to 1 night & multi days join us on a Great Barrier Reef dive tour from Cairns for some of the world's best liveaboard dive expeditions. The far northern sections of the Great Barrier Reef are known as the best dive spots on the Great Barrier Reef offering iconic locations like the Cod Hole just near Lizard Island where you can dive with Giant Potato Cod and lot's of other amazing marine life. Partake in world class dive experiences such as feeding and diving with sharks, swimming with dwarf minke whales, nitrox diving and playing shark in the dark games. Not only will the marine life impress and amaze you in this section of the Great Barrier Reef but the types of corals and their size will also have you wide eyed underwater. The reefs that you will dive on your liveaboard dive trips are some of the world's best no doubt with enticing names such as Dungeons & Dragons, Gotham City & False Entrance. Wreck dives are especially fascinating to see how such a human tragedy has caused a positive impact on a home for marine life on the Great Barrier Reef. Our hero liveaboard dive trips are of course the Minke Whales as the Great Barrier Reef is the only location in the world where you can dive with these inquisitive mammals. These trips book out far in advance so do not delay in booking your liveaboard dive trips for the next Minke whales season on the Great Barrier Reef. They are here for just a short time during the months of June & July so book your berth today. The Tour Specialist team tell all our visitors if you really want to see the Great Barrier Reef you simply must book a liveaboard dive and snorkel tour on the reef otherwise a day trip is just a tasting plate.

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