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Wedding Photography

When choosing your Cairns Wedding Photographer or Videographer, there are some things that you must consider, below is a brief guideline to help you:

Capturing the excitement, spontaneity and emotion of your wedding day requires the skill and creativity of professional photographers and videographers.

Choose a photographer who will listen to what you want and one who also makes suggestions to show they are involved and interested in the projects creative outcome.

Your Cairns photographer and videographer should be versatile, knowledgeable, local and able to organise the artistic and dramatic images you would like to see reflected in your Cairns wedding day images cohesively.



Check Out Your Cairns Photographer - Videographer

It's a good idea to always ask to see samples of previous wedding photography work or look them up on the internet and you will get a feel for the style of photographer or videographer they are. Discuss the different types of photographic styles, settings and special effects available along with any wedding package deals as you will need to establish this up front so there are no surprises at the end.

Your wedding album will be the most treasured memento of your Wedding Day, not only for you, but for your parents, relatives, friends and colleagues. For the absolute best results it really is essential to employ a local Cairns, Trinity Beach, Palm Cove or Port Douglas professional photographer and videographer that has the local knowledge and experience to show you the best destinations to shoot your wedding images and also has the local knowledge and a back up contingency plan should the weather play tricks on your tropical Queensland wedding day.

Although there is a good selection of professional wedding photographers and videographers from Cairns to Port Douglas it's always best to start making enquiries around the time of choosing your wedding destination to ensure you can book the photographer that you most desire by the judgment of their work. The best photographers and videographers are usually booked out very quickly, particularly for Saturday weddings from April to December which is known as the dry season where the sun shines mostly every single day. Have a good in depth discussion via Skype with photographers and videographers and then you will be able to get a good feel for the person or company of your choosing. Have a look around in books and magazines, surf the net for the styles and types of photography on offer. You can go for the formal shots for the folks, candid or natural fun shots for yourselves.

Decide on Your Wedding Image Style

Decide whether you want all colour photographs or a mix of colour and black and white, sepia, vintage or a mixture of all just be aware to stay within your wedding budget. As your wedding will be a colourful event it would be a real pity not to capture it on film. Black and white gives a much more romantic softer effect and antique is a reminder of yesteryear. Why not see if you can negotiate a good price to have all of the above styles of photography for your Cairns beach wedding package.

All digital cameras enable you to download images onto your computer easily and send them via email or post them up to Facebook immediately to friends and family around the world. Ask your Cairns wedding photographer to give you a disk full of images of your wedding day that you can copy and post out to your family and friends as wedding gifts. Your videographer can also give you a link to post your wedding video up on U tube or on your Facebook page.

A professional photographer and videographer will ask for a running sheet for your wedding day along with asking questions about the theme and style of your wedding so that he/she has a good idea on how to shoot the wedding to achieve your expectations. As a matter of course they will also have a contingency plan in case of adverse weather because after all we are in the Queensland tropics. If you are into formal photography ask about the possibility of taking studio photographs either before or after the wedding especially if you are planning a wedding in the green season.

Cairns Wedding Photography Packages

All wedding photographers will have different price structures, but most offer special wedding packages based on the styles and packages you have chosen. Again look them up on the internet to see their brochure detailing the various options. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting upfront.

Find out how long they will be available during the day and, ask how they will be dressed. Also ask if the price is fixed. Does it include VAT and travel expenses? How many prints do you receive? What size are they? How soon after the wedding will they be ready? How soon after selecting your photographs will the album be ready? Will your album have a title page? Ask them if there are any other questions you should be asking them. Will your guests have an opportunity to sign a Guest Book at the wedding reception? Will you want Parents' Albums and extra sets of prints? Can he/she supply framed or canvas mounted photographs or, photo-enamels?

When possible, tell the photographer about additional requirements beforehand; he may be able to offer you a better deal. Also, detail any particular or special photographs you want taken, for local newspapers for instance or, guests travelling from long distances, special friends, etc. It is very helpful to provide him or her with a list of the guests who should be on different group shots, ask a friend or relative to help them identify people on the day. When you have chosen your Cairns wedding photographer and videographer make sure you have a written contract that includes all your requirements and the costs involved. When choosing your Cairns Wedding -Videographer, there are some important points to remember:

Imagine being able to relive not only the memories but the movement and emotions of your wedding day. This is exactly what a video can help you do. It can also pick up on those bridezilla moments so be very careful with your emotions on the day as you are supposed to be the beautiful bride everyone would like to marry and you certainly do not want your husband to look back on it and go oh gosh I should have known then! A video keeps your memories as fresh as the day of your wedding and also gives you a chance to see events or views you may have missed. However, don't be swayed into thinking that a family member or friend can do your video for you; you may be very disappointed indeed and wish later that you had employed the skills and equipment of a professional person to shoot your wedding videos.

Good videographers get booked up very quickly, so do book well in advance. Most of the points made about choosing photographers are applicable to videographers. It is particularly important to meet with several and make sure you feel relaxed with them and, so that you can see recent examples of their work before making your choice. Look closely at the quality and listen carefully to the sound. If the cameraman has been unobtrusive it will result in very natural filming. If he or she is not familiar with your wedding and reception venue they will visit them prior to the day to plan out where they will be positioned for the best shots, sound and lighting. Some Cairns video companies may provide two cameramen in order to film to the best effect.

Some videos will incorporate stills of you both growing up and the soundtrack may include favourite songs or music to make your story complete. Let your videographer know what you want included from before and during your wedding day and also let him know who your Cairns photographer is so they can liaise beforehand. Copies of your video make a lovely present for family and friends. Sometimes the videographer will create two versions; a feature-length version for the bride and groom and a shorter version of the best moments for family and friends for a bit of fun.


MOD Videos

MOD Videos — Memories on Disc are a husband & wife team providing personalized wedding video production packages in Cairns, Trinity Beach, Port Douglas, Palm Cove, Yungaburra and all Cairns surrounding areas.

Here are some of the great things about having MOD Videos film your wedding day;

  • Their film crew use high definition cameras and professional microphones to capture the best picture and sound quality of your wedding ceremony.
  • They arrive early at the wedding venue to check equipment, are quiet & unobtrusive so as not to distract from you & your guests on this special day.
  • Your guests can relax & enjoy the wedding day because you are having the ceremony and/or day professionally filmed and edited so that they need not bring their video cameras, you can order guests a copy or they can purchase a copy from MOD Videos. The family & friends that could not attend the wedding can be sent an edited copy of the wedding on a DVD which is easy to pop in the post.
  • Choose one of their wedding packages or create one of your own & add on photo montages (with music) of your life together; dating, engagement, honeymoon, or professional photos.
  • Most packages include an uncut dvd with all of the footage that has been shot for the day and an edited down version with music overlays of your choice. Be as involved with the editing process as you want, i.e.choose the music, who to film, interviews, etc. or let their professional staff work their magic.
  • MOD Videos guarantee that you will be happy with the dvd they produce.
  • At MOD Videos they are happy to show you their previous work on their website, Facebook or You Tube or send out a "Celebrating Wedding Days/Demo" for your viewing pleasure.
  • Finally, let us say that there is nothing like sitting down to relive the sights, sounds & emotion of your wedding, seeing the parts that you missed out on because the day really does fly by — MOD Videos can help you keep these memories forever.

Posh Photography

Posh Wedding Photography are the leaders in Magazine Styled Digital Albums. They provide something different for couples who want beautiful wedding photography and a unique wedding album. At Posh Wedding Photography, you choose what you want. Posh Photography creates photo packages to suit you. With any package you can have your own Website or you can choose a DVD slide–show. It's all about you and what you want. They can photograph your wedding in Cairns, Trinity Beach, Palm Cove, Port Douglas and the Atherton Tablelands and other regions throughout Cairns tropical north Queensland. Please enquire to arrange a one–on–one discussion with your Posh photographer and get the chance to view their work

Lovegreen Photography

Excellence by Nature. Lovegreen Photography aims to capture and present the story of your wedding day, its laughter and tears, and most importantly, its beauty. Photography is their art–form, and they are committed to delivering images of the highest artistic standard. They specialise in wedding imagery featuring elements of nature. Colyn has been a dedicated nature photographer for fifteen years, and now thrives on applying his "natural" eye to weddings set amongst spectacular tropical surrounds. A great image starts with a comfortable relationship between the photographer and their subject, so communication before and during your day is a priority for Lovegreen Photography. They are happy to arrange to meet at our office, or to come to you with some sample images. This gives them the chance to meet in person, and to discuss your personal vision.

They use first class equipment to ensure the quality of light captured, and boast a strong command of a range of post–production tools to cater to your creative preferences, and to bring out the very best in your images. By offering a variety of photography packages, it gives our couples the option of beautiful hand–bound magazine–style, as well as traditional albums, or to choose to have their high–resolution images delivered on disc, to print and create with, as you please. At Lovegreen Photography they look forward to being part of your day! Lovegreen Photography, delivering Excellence by Nature

Wedding Eye

Diamond Photography & Video - Weddingeye. Servicing all the Cairns Tropical North Queensland region. Wedding photographs speak for themselves so we invite you to view our Cairns wedding picture gallery on our website. We have over 18 years of internationally recognized experience in the performing arts industry and with Master Degrees in arts, film & photography, so your finished imagery will be a combination of dynamic & stunning natural photography, and you will have not only an art piece but also an extremely fun time taking wedding photos and videography. We deliver a unique style with our directing & acting skills to create your personal, stunning magazine album & tell your video story. If your getting married in Cairns, Trinity Beach, Palm Cove, Port Douglas, or on the Atherton Tablelands or other Cairns region destinations we will assist you. Please contact us so we can discuss you Cairns wedding photography and videography needs.

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