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Wedding Entertainment

The right entertainment for your reception will add enormously to the enjoyment of the occasion and make it all the more memorable for both you and your guests. Check first with your reception venue to see if there are any restrictions to the type of music you can have. For instance, some venues may insist that you use a band of their choice.

If you are getting married earlier in the day, you will want to provide background music during the afternoon so that you can all relax and talk. Tasteful live music, either a soloist or instrumental band will create an enjoyable ambience and there are many professional musicians who can provide music to accommodate all tastes: popular, jazz, classical, etc.



A good disco will provide music to suit all age groups, either for listening pleasure, for example during dinner, and then more lively music to encourage all age groups to get up and dance during a more lively evening do.

You may want to consider a theme for your reception: music from the 30s, 40s, 50s, etc.. If you have any particular songs or pieces of music you want played, you will need to check if these can be included. Whatever choice you make, even if it is a mixture of live and DJ music, do choose carefully. Contact a number of professional companies and try to see them perform live before making final bookings.

Always ask how they will be dressed to make sure it fits in with the style of your wedding. Tell them the time of day you require them and ask if the price is fixed or if you pay by the hour. Also ask how long they take for breaks, and what arrangements they make for music when they are off stage. Finalise arrangements in writing as early as possible; good musicians and DJ's get booked far in advance. Check on details two weeks before the wedding.

Port Douglas Mobile Disco & Karaoke

In Tropical North Queensland is Tropical Port Douglas which is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable destinations for couples in love.

Port Douglas Mobile Disco & Karaoke is a quality DJ and Karaoke service that has been operation out of Port Douglas since 1989 and have been providing their services their services to over 540 wedding in the local area. During this time they have gained extensive knowledge of the music industry and have experienced popular wedding reception venues. 

Children's Entertainment and Care
Children's entertainment could be a clown, Punch and Judy or if room permits a bouncy castle. At very least, provide colouring books, or a video game corner. You could have a competition with a prize for the best drawing of the bride and groom. There are specialist companies who can provide a créche or nanny service at your reception.

Entertainment Tips

  • Ask your venue about any restrictions or commitments.
  • Choose a mixture of music throughout the day.
  • Decide on a theme for the evening.
  • See your chosen artists perform live before booking.
  • Confirm all details in writing and get receipts.
  • Check bookings two weeks before the wedding.

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