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Wedding Cakes

No Reception would be complete without the wedding cake and nowadays they come in all styles, shapes and tastes.

Although the three-tier cake is still a favourite, an imaginative cake designer will individually design a shape just for you; heart shapes, circular designs, castles, even fountains and waterfalls.

Alternatively, instead of one large cake, you could opt for lots of little cakes such as decorated sponge cakes, or a tower of meringues, doughnuts or profiteroles.



Catering to everyone's taste can be tricky. However, you could choose to have a tiered cake made up with different flavours. For example, a fruit, a chocolate and a carrot cake tier. If you choose a fruit cake, remember to order early to give time for the flavours to mature. Icing, sugar paste flowers, ribbons, icing lacework, monograms and motifs will co-ordinate your cake, or cakes, with your theme. A good cake maker will take the time to really get to know you both to ensure the perfect end results. Generally, the cake maker will deliver the cake to your reception and assemble it on site. Rather than place it on the top table, it is wiser to have a separate table, which is then decorated with flowers, or petals.

There is a definite trend for alternative cakes, sometimes called "the groom's cake". This could be a surprise cake given by the bride to the groom, or visa versa, to appeal to his or her particular taste buds and is in addition to the wedding cake. If you wish to follow tradition, you will want to keep the top tier for your first anniversary. It will need to be carefully wrapped and stored in a dry, cool place, or it could be frozen. Alternatively you may wish to store some of the sugarcraft details in a sealed glass container. Ask your cake maker for advice.

When Cutting the Cake the bride holds the knife in her right hand and the groom's hand closes over hers. With the knife turned upside down for luck, they cut the first slice together. (Your caterer should cut through the icing first to prevent your cake toppling over.) "Cutting the Cake" is announced by the toastmaster or best man and is toasted with champagne or sparkling wine. Traditionally, it takes place after the speeches. However, you may choose to do this before the meal, especially if the cake(s) will be the dessert course. This will allow the caterers time to cut and prepare it for serving.

Cake Tips

  • Before ordering, know the number of people who will receive a slice (don't forget those not at the wedding)
  • Choose your cake maker carefully and as early as possible
  • Choose a style and shape of cake(s) to suit your theme
  • Take along sample lace, motifs, colours, etc.
  • Ask to see a range of cakes, or photographs

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