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Undara Lava Tubes | Helicopter Flight |Reef & Islands | 7 hours | HTNQ

Undara Lava Tubes | Helicopter Flight |Reef & Islands | 7 hours | HTNQ

Experience the full spectrum of incredible colours across the distinctly different landscapes of Tropical North Queensland Australia on this breathtaking 5hr private charter helicopter journey. See the ground below shift from the lush green of tropical rainforests to a deep red orange of the ‘outback’ as you fly South from Cairns, crossing the Great Dividing Range before turning west to Undara Lava Tubes. Enjoy a volcanic tour of the lava tubes and lunch at Undara, before flying further south to check out Blencoe Falls and Wallaman Falls – the tallest single drop waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere. The landscape changes again to a brilliant azure-blue as you fly north back to Cairns over the tropical Hinchinbrook, Dunk, Frankland and Fitzroy Islands, that shine like green beacons against the immense blue of the Coral Sea.

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