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Skydive Cairns

Skydive Cairns

Skydiving in Cairns Tropical North Queensland is the perfect half day option for those daring travelers who have a few hours to spare in Cairns either in the morning or afternoon... or both! Skydive Cairns offers tandem jumps up to 15,000ft. Skydiving is great for teenagers, grey haired adventurers, or any other brave soul who is willing to skydive out of a perfectly good aeroplane for a 60 second thrill.

Tour Code: 54 TODAY'S RATES FROM $219.00 Price is per adult
and includes all levies, fees & taxes
Child $219.00 Check My Price Now Ask Questions


Make sure you don't mix a yoghurt smoothie with fresh orange juice in your stomach before you jump you will already be feeling sick with the terror of jumping anyway. Just do it. Once you are out flying it turns to sheer joy and elation. The biggest high you will ever experience. Skydiving into your wedding wow what a great idea.

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2020 - 2021

1 Sep 20 - 31 Mar 21
Skydive Cairns | Up to 7,500ft Check My Price Check My Price
Child Family
$219.00 $219.00 -
Skydive Cairns | Up to 15,000ft Check My Price Check My Price
Child Family
$309.00 $309.00 -

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