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Daintree Dreamtime | Daintree Rainforest | Mossman Gorge | Aboriginal Cultural Tour | Croc Spotting | TH2

Daintree Dreamtime | Daintree Rainforest | Mossman Gorge | Aboriginal Cultural Tour | Croc Spotting | TH2

Imagine being immersed in the oldest rainforest in the world of 135 million years old then walking in the footsteps of your Aboriginal indigenous guide whose ancestors have lived here for 50,000 years. The sheer magnitude of prehistoric plants and trees and the feeling of ancient civilisations in streams and rocks permeate your very being. Marvel at the sights of this ancient rainforest as you explore the pristine Daintree Rainforest on this guided tour. The dreamtime weaves its presence through every leaf and rock in the Daintree Rainforest. Your Daintree Rainforest tour today will open your mind to another time and culture as you explore the visually beautiful Mossman Gorge. You will learn how the trees and plants provided food, medicine and hunting tools for the local Kuku Yulanji Aboriginal tribespeople. Find yourself mere feet away from a basking Estuarine Crocodile as you cruise down the Daintree River through the mangroves, budding orchids and flying bird life. Feast on freshly caught Barramundi as you take in the view from your Tree Top Restaurant at Silky Oaks Lodge overlooking the Mossman River. After a delicious lunch at Treetops Restaurant you will then be taken to the quaint town of Port Douglas. Visit the iconic playground of the rich and famous, where luxury yachts and white boats at the Reef Marine glisten in the tropical sunlight. This is a day of wonder and amazement for all the family, a day you will never forget and it’s not a dream, though you might have to pinch yourself at times! Your knowledgeable Aboriginal guide will bring the area to life. For non-English speaking people translation tapes using the latest in GPS activated technology are available in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese languages.

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