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1 Day Great Value Tour - Kuranda, Scenic Rail, Skyrail, Hartley’s Crocodiles | VDT-VKHC

1 Day Great Value Tour - Kuranda, Scenic Rail, Skyrail, Hartley’s Crocodiles | VDT-VKHC

This is a great value day tour that is jam packed with adventure, scenery and thrills. Your tour will start with a ride on one of the most scenic historic railways in the world as you climb through the Barron Gorge National Park. You will pass along the sheer sides of the Barron Gorge and past the gushing scenic waterfall of the Barron Falls and up 330m through tropical rainforest in to the scenic town of Kuranda. At Kuranda, also known as the 'Village in the Rainforest', you will have a chance to explore the rich variety of unique wares sold at this famous market made by local artists, artisans and craftspeople. Soak up the quirky, arty, laid-back vibe of one of the most interesting villages in Australia. Catch your bubble in the sky as you come back down in a Skyrail gondola. You will soar like a bird over the tops of the rainforest canopy and probably see them as cockatoos and tropical birds flit between the branches below and ospreys circle from above. Stop at the various stop-off points where you can have the most stunning lookouts across the rainforest and the Barron Falls and a complimentary tour about the lush tropical rainforest that surrounds you. Your tour guide and tour bus will meet you to take you to your final stop at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures. This is a wonderful experience to enable you to get up close with these scaly monolithic creatures that are almost living dinosaurs. See their amazing jaws and death rolls as they feed. They are certainly awe inspiring up close! You will also have a chance here to see the most venomous snakes in the world. If you fancy more fluffy and cuddly animals then walk on the boardwalks to see tropical birds, cassowaries, quolls and koalas. This is a day for all the family, with something for everybody. You’ll have many ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ uttered on this tour and memories that will last for a lifetime. In the process of seeing all the amazing sights you will also learn more about the flora and fauna of this spectacular part of the world and the animals that inhabit it.

Travel Details

* Rates shown includes all levies, fees and taxes.

* 2nd child travels free when 2 or more adults traveling.

Optional Extra Activities When Booking Online

  • Kuranda Scenic Rail Gold Class Upgrade - G
  • Diamond View Skyrail Upgrade - DV