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Cooper Creek | Grand Fan Palm Gallery Day Tour | DR1

Cooper Creek | Grand Fan Palm Gallery Day Tour | DR1

Walk quietly thru the Daintree rainforest with an inhabitant rainforest guide whose family have protected this oldest surviving piece of rainforest for generations from mass tourism and over development. Be treated to the true beauty that the rainforest generously provides to those who take the time to explore and appreciate the intricate biodiversity. Learn and understand how the survival of these rare rainforests are so intrical to the survival of the human and animal species and listen to the stories of the Aboriginal inhabitants that have always been the guardians of these precious assets. This is a Daintree Rainforest tour that should definitely not be missed and you could also partake in some other Cape Tribulation tours like sea kayaking, horse riding on the beach or Jungle Surfing.

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This is a self-drive tour to the Daintree but well worth the drive. It is highly educational and equally visually spectacular. A great introductory rainforest tour for 2 hours and then you can go off and explore other regions of Cape Tribulation and join other tours like Jungle Surfing

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2017 - 2018

1 Apr 17 - 31 Mar 18
Cooper Creek | Grand Fan Palm Gallery Day Tour | DR1 Check My Price Check My Price
Child Family
$65.00 $55.00 -

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