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Barrier Reef Tour Port Douglas - QS - Outer Barrier Reef Cruise

Barrier Reef Tour Port Douglas - QS - Outer Barrier Reef Cruise

Looking for an Outer Barrier Reef cruise from Port Douglas Australia then MV - QS would be the choice for a Great Barrier Reef tour with a company that is the most awarded reef cruise company in Australia for quality of crew, vessels, customer service and very high marine safety standards. MV - QS Cruises also has the added bonus of traveling out to one of the most spectacular Outer Barrier Reef pontoon sites on the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs from Port Douglas Queensland Australia. This reef trip is the perfect choice for those that suffer seasickness and those that wish to see and do as much as possible on the Great Barrier Reef in one day. Fly out or back in a helicopter to see the reef from above and then dive down below to see it up close. This is one Port Douglas reef tour you will remember for a lifetime.

Travel Details

* Rates shown includes all levies, fees and taxes.

* 2nd child travels free when 2 or more adults traveling.

Optional Extra Activities When Booking Online

  • Quicksilver | Guided Snorkelling Adventure | Introductory
  • Quicksilver | Guided Snorkelling Adventure | Advanced
  • Quicksilver | Ocean Walker or Helmet Diving
  • Quicksilver | Return Transfers Ex Port Douglas
  • Quicksilver | Return Transfers Ex Cairns & Northern Beaches
  • Quicksilver | Certified Scuba Diving | 1 Dive Incl Gear
  • Quicksilver | Certified Scuba Diving | 2 Dives Incl Gear
  • Quicksilver | Introductory Scuba Diving | 1 Dive Incl Gear
  • Quicksilver | 10 Minutes Helicopter Scenic Flight