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Cairns Charter Boat - 20 Guests

Cairns Charter Boat - 20 Guests

Our Cairns charter boat caters for the smaller private boat charters with a maximum of 20 guests. At 42 feet (13 metre) the catamaran sails out to 2 mooring locations on the very edge of the outer Great Barrier Reef providing guests with 2 hours of peaceful sailing (weather permitting) to Upolu Reef where your group may choose to try an introductory scuba dive, certified scuba dive or just snorkel about in the lagoon and see the array of hard and soft corals along with all the fish that call this reef system home. Your Cairns charter boat group can spend 4 luxurious hours exploring each of these underwater locations or just spend time on the boat in the sunshine watching everybody else enjoy the Great Barrier Reef.

Travel DetailsTour Code: 442

* Rates shown includes all levies, fees and taxes.

Optional Extra Activities When Booking Online

  • Introductory Diving 1st Dive
  • Introductory Diving 2nd Dive
  • Certified Diving 1st Dive
  • Certified Diving 2nd Dive
  • Lycra Suits & Wet Suits
  • City Transfers Return
  • Northern Beaches Transfers Return