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Cairns Bumper Tube Rides | Cairns Water Sports

Cairns Bumper Tube Rides | Cairns Water Sports

The bumper tube ride or as the Brits call it the sofa ride is the test of strength. I was perched up on the ‘Mabel’,(the bumper tube disc) somewhat like an L-shaped mattress, holding on with all my might as the boat scooted all over the water in every direction. We were slipping and sliding and giggling and wiggling. I hit the drink (water) a couple of times but it just adds to the adventure.Your bumper tubes boat driver will take it a little easy at first to test your metal and then when they are sure you are good to go for some fun they will find some wake from other boats and have your bumper tube flying in the air with you on board screaming squeals of joy as it crash lands back down to the water. Definitley do expect to get wet on this half day morning or afternoon tour - activity

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