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Behana Gorge Canyoning Tour - Abseiling Cliff Jumping Adventure | Cairns

Behana Gorge Canyoning Tour - Abseiling Cliff Jumping Adventure | Cairns

This fun and exciting 100% eco-friendly adventure tour will see you cliff-jumping, abseiling and canyoning down the crystal-clear waters of Behana Creek as it flows down the beautiful Behana Gorge, about 45 minutes drive south of Cairns. Make sure you bring your swimmers because you’re definitely going to get wet as you explore the beautiful tropical gorge and jump in to ride the flowing water down the creek. The certified instructors will help you abseil down the rocks making sure safety is the highest priority at all times. Enjoy the amazing views of waterfalls and the gorge as you experience this awesome canyoning adventure. At the end of the tour enjoy a delicious lunch and some free time to swim, jump or just laze around and take in the stunning natural setting. Be back in Cairns before 4pm to have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the afternoon before the sun sets.

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Wheelchair access available


Shoes need to be worn for safety reasons, so make sure you choose shoes with the best possible grip as you’ll be climbing over wet rocks that can be slippery! (Dunlop Volleys can be bought for about $40 and are perfect canyoning shoes, if you don't have any others that are appropriate). Also, the tour operators don’t mind you bringing your own camera so a GoPro or other waterproof camera is a great thing to bring along to capture some footage and memories from your adventurous day canyoning down Behana Gorge!

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2017 - 2018

1 Apr 17 - 31 Mar 18
Full Day Behana Gorge Canyoning Tour | Abseiling Cliff Jumping Adventure Check My Price Check My Price
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$179.00 $179.00 -

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