Daintree Rainforest & Mossman Gorge Day Tour | DTA CT1C

Tour Code: 274

Departing: Cairns

Pickup: Cairns, Cairns Northern Beaches, Palm Cove, Port Douglas

Premium Daintree Tour - 14 Guests
  • ***Please note this tour operates on an alternate itinerary until further notice - please view details under the Itinerary section***
  • Cape Tribulation Beach & Lookout- the only place in the world where two World Heritage Listed areas meet
  • Crocodile spotting during 1h Daintree River cruise
  • Alexandra lookout- on a clear day you can see the coastline all the way from Cape Tribulation to Double Island off Palm Cove
  • Take a selfie from Flagstaff Hill in Port Douglas with the iconic For Mile Beach on the background

Included In Price

  • ***Please note this tour operates on an alternate itinerary until further notice - please view details under the Itinerary section***
  • Complimentary Return Transfers From Your Accommodation
  • Eco Certified Guide
  • National Park Fees
  • Refreshments
  • Scrumptious Lunch
  • Mossman Gorge
  • Swimming in Mossman Gorge
  • Daintree River Cruise
  • Alexandra Lookout
  • Botanical Walk in the Daintree Rainforest
  • Kulki Lookout and Cape Tribulation Beach

Small group full day Dantree Rainforest and Mossman Gorge. Imagine visiting a place that has escaped untouched by the world of urban development.

***Please note this tour operates on an alternate itinerary until further notice - please view details under the Itinerary section***

As you walk around the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation you'll feel like you have just stumbled upon the Jurassic Park film set. This natural extravaganza oasis goes back over 135 million years and at times one almost expects a dinosaur to appear. 

Its age makes it the oldest tropical lowland rainforests on earth.  That's some big boast!  Much of the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation still remains undiscovered by modern man and so continues to exist like it has done since the beginning of its time.

Education comes alive as your tour guide unravels the history of Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation as the tour unfolds at several stop points to really show off the wonders of this magical place. 

This tour is ideal for families (children won’t even know they’re learning they’ll be having too much fun) and for anybody wanting to see how our world looked millions of years ago and understand the ecosystem of this fragile area.

Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation Full Day Tour 

Immerse yourself in the luxuriant foliage as vines drape down to the forest floor – very tempting to swing on them et al Tarzan.  Stand under ancient fern leaves spreading like giant umbrellas.

You can almost tangibly feel the energy as every tendril and stem fights to reach the light and the moisture of the rainforest canopy.  This tumbling foliage fills 1,200 sq. km and is the largest rainforest area on the Australian continent..

What Native Australian Wildlife Will I See On The Daintree, Cape Tribulation Tour?

The rich diversity of the wildlife and flora and fauna is stunning.  The Wet Tropics is home to at least 663 species of vertebrae, 135 dung beetle species, 230 butterfly species and 33 types of land snails.

Over 12,000 types of insect inhabit their homes in Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation and there are over 3000 species of plants, 395 of which are listed as rare or threatened.

Botanists in Cape Tribulation have even re-discovered the “Idiot Fruit” thought to be extinct and rediscovered in 1971, (perhaps named after the idiot who couldn’t find it).

You could chance upon one of the amazing Cassowary Birds, all 6ft of them, as they pick their way through the forest floor. Looking like punk rockers with crested mohicans on their head, these magnificent birds are threatened with extinction (only 1200 remaining). Find out on your tour how important their role is the life cycle of the Daintree Rainforest.

The Daintree Rainforest is also home to some of the biggest tropical trees in the world, the Bull Kauri species, a threatened tree that is restricted only to Far North Queensland. It’s height of 50m (160ft) with a diameter of 2.7m (8ft 10 in) will make your neck crick as you look up at its branches way above in the Rainforest canopy.

Out of the corner of your eye you might see a flitting flash of fluorescent blue.  Ulysses Butterflies are commonly seen flitting amongst the palm throngs of the Daintree Forest. These iridescent insects are always such a spectacular sight.

Where will the One Day Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation Visit?

Below are the stops that your guided tour will take.  I think you will agree that there are a lot of wonderful stops with so much to feast your eyes on  - unbelievable what you can fit into one day!

Rex Point Lookout

Gaze from Rex Point Lookout as the bank drops away to a drop that reveals the scenery below. Ellis Beach’s white sand beach stretches to the next mountain range and on a clear day you can see the dark spots of Double Island and Haycock Island as black humps on the horizon.

You might be able to watch the hang gliders launching themselves off the edge of Rex Point Lookout like large eagles swooping and circling in the thermals if they are there.

You might be lucky between May to September to see an outlined shadow of a majestic Humpback Whales and Dwarf Minke Whales as they come to the warmer waters in the Coral Sea to mate and calve.

Port Douglas – Flagstaff Hill Lookout

Catch your breath at the scenic Flagstaff Hill Lookout in Port Douglas not because you’ve walked up it, but because the beauty of the place will simply make you gasp.

You will be able to see the route of the Captain Cook Highway where you have just travelled, as it wends its way along the shoreline.

With an almost 360 degree breathtaking panorama of the area you can see all along the pristine sands of the iconic Four Mile Beach of Port Douglas to the peaks of the Great Dividing Range in the distance.

Port Douglas, which started as a pioneer town in 1877 abounds with character and history.  Its development through the decades with the building of the Reef Marina and high end hotels has made it a haven for Movie stars, rock stars, super models, millionaires and billionaires who just love to hide out incognito in this quaint Queensland Township.

Mossman Gorge

The Mossman Gorge Centre is a wonderful place where you will celebrate the aboriginal culture and understand how nature and man lived in harmony.  It is an informative and important cultural centre that combines beautifully the aboriginal culture with the history of the Mossman Gorge rainforest.

Welcome to Kuku Ylanji Country. The aboriginal heritage here dates back 50,000 years to man’s earliest occupation of Australia. In this Wet Tropics World Heritage Area there are 18 Rainforest Aboriginal tribal groups, with the Traditional Owners being the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people.

On visiting the Daintree Rainforest nearby you will feel the rush of the Mossman River as it cascades over gigantic boulders under your viewing platform and swirling in scenic watering holes all surrounded by the lush rainforest.

Daintree Tea House – Lunch and tropical fruit tasting

You will not only get to see Paradise, but you will get to taste it as well! Give your taste buds a real explosion of strange and exotic flavours as you taste locally grown tropical fruits organically grown in local orchards. 

Exotic tropical fruits come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are lumpy, hairy, bumpy and others have sharp spikes, but most often they taste delicious. Depending on the season you could be experiencing the new taste of custard apples, soursops, rambutans, mangosteens, salaks, chocolate pudding fruit and carambolas.

Daintree River Cruise

Get up and close with the local crocodiles (but don’t worry, not too close!). 

With the gentle lapping of water on the hull you will gently cruise the Daintree River, weaving in and out of tributaries among the leafy mangrove branches and rare hanging orchids. Your tour guide will point out interesting things for you to see and learn about along the way.

The vision of a mighty saltwater crocodile languidly lazing on a bank like a discarded piece of expensive luggage is a sight to behold and a great photo opportunity!. See the flutter of wings as birds and herons also inhabit the River’s banks.

Alexandra Lookout

Not long after crossing over the Daintree River by cable ferry (which is an experience in itself), you will arrive at the breathtaking Alexandra Lookout where views stretch back over the Daintree’s low level rainforest, out to Low Isles on the Great Barrier Reef and Port Douglas.

Yet another breathtaking view! After this trip you will have no breath left!

Marrdja Boardwalk in the Daintree Rainforest

Your footsteps on the boardwalk will mingle with the gurgling of the gentle stream as you explore the mangrove and rainforest of the Marrdja Boardwalk.

Marrdja is a Kuku Yalanji word that means rainforest walk. This well-designed 1km circular walk begins and ends at the side of Oliver Creek, a slowly rambling mountain stream that emerges from under a dense pristine canopy of foliage and trees from the rainforest trees and shrubs.

Follow the crystal waters as they flow gently over the rocky bed.  Look up, and you can see the give-away clue of suspended tendrils in the higher branches showing that this gentle stream can be a raging torrent in the wet season. Signs along the boardwalk trace the evolution of the Daintree Coast as the mangroves develop in to the Daintree Rainforest.

Cape Tribulation

You have now made it to the only destination on earth where Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation,  two World Heritage Listed Sites, lay side by side. The area also boasts another world title of also being the only place in the world where the Rainforest meets the Reef…. And you are in it!

Take a guided stroll down the boardwalk that twists through the rainforest to the sandy golden beaches of Cape Tribulation. The Great Barrier Reef is located just metres from these shores.

Kulki Lookout – Cape Tribulation

This stunning viewing platform is situated to the north side of Cape Tribulation headland.  Gaze over to the north and be prepared to be stunned by the sheer beauty of the scenery.  Towards Cape Tribulation, you can see a profusion of twisting vines, especially matchbox beans, whose enormous pods you can see dangling like earrings in the tree tops.

Cape Tribulation Beach

Wander along Cape Tribulation Beach and feel like you are the only person in the world (was this how Robinson Crusoe felt?).  This mostly empty pristine beach stretches as far as your eye can see, punctuated by the rounded blob of Snapper Island on the horizon .  As fringing coconut trees dip onto the sand this is truly a taste of paradise.

There was reports a while ago of a resident Cassowary that featured in many a visitors Cape Tribulation Beach You Tube video so you could be lucky that he might make a personal appearance.

Cape Tribulation Beach is an excellent example of natural beach vegetation (called ‘littoral’ rainforest). This rainforest protects the beach from the harmful effect of storm surges and acts as a natural shock absorber.  Though it can’t absorb the shock of visitors gaping at the beauty of the sights of this natural wonder!

Rainforest Guided Walk

Under a roof of spreading leaves you will be taken on a guided walk, where the beauty of the flora and fauna will be bought alive. The sheer magnitude of this natural wonder is even more amazing when your guide can inform you how this fragile ecosystem has survived for so many millions of years.

Daintree Ice Cream Company

How about a unique experience for your taste buds? Tropical fruit ice cream! Forget Ben and Jerry’s, this is hand-made and hand grown in the Daintree Rainforest. Depending on the season there are flavours like macadamia, black sapote, passionfruit and wattleseed.

Cross The Mighty Daintree River By Cable Ferry

Imagine sitting in your vehicle as you are pulled from one side of the Daintree River to the next. This quirky cable ferry is the only means of access to the northern section of the Daintree National Park and to Cape Tribulation.

It only takes about 5 minutes and thankfully is a powered one as there are still in existence hand operated ones, which would make the journey time a little more slower!

What Food is Available on the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation Tour?

Morning Tea:

Enjoy traditional Australian damper muffins with fresh local tea, coffee and a cold drink.


A selection of 5 delicious lunch options is available at the popular Daintree Tea House including tea, coffee and juices.

Tropical Fruit Tasting:

A large variety of exotic tropical fruit grows in Cape Tribulation. Enjoy a private fruit talk and presentation.

Daintree Ice Cream Factory:

Treat yourself to a locally made exotic fruit ice cream (optional extra).

See more Daintree Rainforest tours and attractions.

Alternate Itinerary Valid Until Further Notice

***Please note this tour operates on an alternate itinerary until further notice - please view details under the Itinerary section***

This premium full day tour has pick-ups in Cairns, the northern beaches and Port Douglas.

Where you commence your journey, will impact the itinerary slightly. For those being collected in Cairns and the beaches, the day begins with a trip along the scenic Great Barrier Reef Drive, to Port Douglas where you will enjoy morning tea and a visit to Flagstaff Hill which overlooks 4 Mile Beach.

We then continue north to the Daintree River where you will experience a 1 hour wildlife and river cruise before visiting the Daintree Village.

The next stop is Mossman Gorge, where the cool, clear waters of Mossman River tumble through and over giant granite boulders. Here we will have lunch, with a choice of meals available.

After lunch you will experience a Welcome to Country Smoking Ceremony, a guided walk and you also have the opportunity for a swim, should you wish to do so.

If your return destination is Port Douglas, we’ll get you into town around 5.30pm, Cairns and the northern beaches a little later.

One amazing day in our very own, natural paradise.

• Full Interpretation and commentary by naturalist guides.
• Port Douglas. Flagstaff Hill lookout with views over 4 Mile Beach.
• Morning Tea & Lunch. Choice of meals at lunch.
• Daintree River Cruise. 1-hour cruise.
• Daintree Village. Visit this unique rainforest village.
• Mossman Gorge. Welcome to Country Smoking Ceremony, guided walk and swim in the cool waters of Mossman River.
• Attractions and all national park fees and permits as per itinerary.
• Small Group Touring in comfortable, late model, air-conditioned vehicles.

Lunch Menu at Mayi Cafe

Choose from these delicious options:

  • Smoked Chicken & papaya salad
  • Coconut Battered Barra with Rainforest Salad
  • Roast Vegie stack with Macadamia, brie and balsamic
  • Salt and Pepper Crocodile with Soba Noodle Salad
  • Beef Burger with Yam Fries
  • Calamari with wombok salad
Departs From


Departure Time
  • Departs from Cairns: 7:00am, Northern Beaches: 7:45am and Port Douglas: 8:45am
  • Return to Cairns: 6:30pm, Northern Beaches: 6:00pm and Port Douglas: 5:00pm
Departure Instructions

Please present your fully paid voucher to your guide/driver

Pickup Locations
  • Cairns
  • Cairns Northern Beaches
  • Palm Cove
  • Port Douglas
  • Daintree Rainforest
  • Mossman Gorge
  • Palm Cove Rex Lookout, Flagstaff Hill Lookout Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge, Daintree River, Alexandra Lookout, Cape Tribulation Beach & Lookout, Daintree Ice Cream Company
Months of Operation

January - December

Days of Operation



Cairns: 11.5 hours (approx)
Northern Beaches: 10.25 hours (approx)
Port Douglas: 8.25 hours (approx)

Available for Purchase / Hire
  • Daintree Ice Cream Company
  • Souvenirs & Snacks
Fitness Level Required


Swimwear & Towel, Hat & Sunscreen, Comfortable Clothes, Walking Shoes, Camera / Spare Batteries, Cash For Extras

Customer Reviews

Average Rating

Robert W

Reviewed on July 26, 2019

I have done a lot of tours over the years in many places around the world. I have to say that this was one of my most enjoyable. It was a small group as promised, we got everything that was described in the tour description and our guide Jean was fantastic. The meals provided were really tasty and the itinerary and timing were just right for the day.

Response From The Tour Specialists

Robert thank you very much for your review and feedback on your Cape Tribulation tour. We are so glad to hear that you were very happy with the quality of the day tour and all the inclusions and that Jean your tour guide was fantastic. The tour operator will be very glad to read this review We hope to see you again in Cairns in the near future Best regards The Great Barrier Reef Holiday Specialists

Helen O

Reviewed on November 15, 2017

It was an awesome day, we learnt so much about the Daintree, and the way it was presented to us by our Tour Guide Michael (Mick) was so much fun. He really looked after us. He was very friendly and the jokes were an added extra all on their own. We were only a small group which meant we had more time to look around than a much larger group. The staff of the Solar Whisperer Croc Boat were very friendly and created a good atmosphere, answering all our questions. The morning tea and lunch was so very good, the added extra of the Daintree Icecream Factory was a highlight. I highly recommend this tour package to anyone.

Response From The Tour Specialists

Thanks for your feedback Helen, The Tour Specialists are pleased your day in the Daintree Rainforest was enjoyable. Small group tours are a fantastic way to experience the fantastic sight of Far North Queensland and it's great to hear you had an amazing day.


Reviewed on October 31, 2017

The best tour I've ever taken! Our tour guide was exceptional! Couldn't recommend this tour enough. The sights are beyond exceptional and the company sets the day out extremely well allowing enough time to see every sight.

Response From The Tour Specialists

Hi Emily, Our small group tours do offer the most hands-on experience while also offering ample time to actually relax an enjoy the sights & sounds of the Daintree Rainforest & in particular Cape Tribulation. We hope to see you again on our tour next time you are in the area.

  • Tour is not suitable to children under 4 years of age
  • Children 4 - 14 years

Our Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations must be in writing. Please note that all cancellations will incur an administration fee. Please see our terms and conditions for details prior to booking.

Operator’s Cancellation Policy:

Day tour booking cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or fail to travel, no refund.

***Please note this tour operates on an alternate itinerary until further notice - please view details under the Itinerary section***

***By ticking this box you acknowledge you read the altenate itineray and with to proceed with it***

Daintree Rainforest & Mossman Gorge Day Tour | DTA CT1C

Tour Code: 274

Departing: Cairns

Pickup: Cairns, Cairns Northern Beaches, Palm Cove, Port Douglas

Premium Daintree Tour - 14 Guests



Prices are AUD, per adult and include all levies fees and taxes.

Child: au$195.00
Family: au$835.00

Tour Code: 274



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1300 761 612
+61 427 074 745

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