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Wedding Gift Ideas

When looking for ideas for your Cairns, Palm Cove or Port Douglas beach wedding it's a good idea to ask your friends and family for some input as then they can be involved in your wedding planning and help out with all of those little extra tasks.

You may just find you do actually need some help and they can also assist in thinking about some more innovative ideas as no doubt they have been married or been to other friends weddings and have seen some good ideas in action.

The next step is to scour the internet for ideas as you will find all sorts of things to make your wedding day individual and an event your guests will enjoy and remember forever.



You may want to also consider engaging a Wedding Planner to help out with some more wedding ideas as they are locals to Cairns, Palm Cove and Port Douglas and have the experience of wedding planning and know all the right contacts in the Cairns north Queensland wedding industry.

Another option to save you time and money is to Register Your Wedding with the Cairns Holiday Specialists and they can provide you with your own Wedding Supplier Register of all the Cairns, Palm Cove and Port Douglas wedding industry contacts so you can speak with them directly.

The Cairns Holiday Specialists are your local Cairns, Palm Cove and Port Douglas wedding idea specialists and can help to assist to make your wedding plans go as smoothly as possible and save you money and time along the way not only for yourselves the bride and groom but also for your family and friends.

Register Your Wedding

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Register Your Wedding

Register Your Wedding and your Family and Friends will also receive the following Great Holiday Saving Benefits when they book their Cairns, Palm Cove or Port Douglas holiday accommodation and tours with the Cairns Holiday Specialists

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All of these added holiday benefits for you, your family and friends help to make the attendance of your Cairns, Palm Cove or Port Douglas wedding that much more fun, affordable and easy to plan. Your family and friends that may be travelling from interstate or overseas will feel as though they are making their holiday plans with a friend and will also be thankful for the great holiday package savings.

All you need to do is contact the Cairns Holiday Specialists or telephone them on 07 4059 5959 or email and then let them do the rest to let you get on with other wedding planning tasks.

Wedding Rings

The exchange of wedding rings is by no means compulsory — it is a custom dating back to the ancient Egyptians, when, as today, gold bands symbolised eternal, unbroken love. Gold bands are still the favourite, followed closely by platinum. You could even have your rings made in titanium! When choosing your wedding rings, resist being swayed by fashion. Remember, you'll be wearing them for many years to come and you don't want them to become dated. Specialist jewellers can offer you more choice and there are Cairns designers who can manufacture your rings especially for you. Allow at least three weeks for rings to be engraved. Forget superstition; try them on to make sure they fit.

Gifts for the bridal party

It is customary for the bride and groom to exchange gifts and also to give thank you gifts to their parents and their attendants. For the parents, maybe a treatment in a Palm Cove Spa or dinner out at an award winning restaurant in Port Douglas would be nice.

For those extra-special gifts for your bridesmaid, best man and ushers, Cairns jewellers and specialist gift shops will help you choose items suitable for engraving or that can be personalised as a unique memento of your Cairns and Tropical North Queensland wedding day. For example, for your bridesmaids: an engraved enamelled trinket box, an item of jewellery or a silver lipstick holder. For the men: silver hip flasks or silver tankards or a night out with the groom in a Palm Cove restaurant with a few drinks as a thankyou. For the younger bridesmaids and pageboys, maybe a teddy bear or rabbit dressed to match their wedding outfit or tickets to the movies or the Hartleys Crocodile Farm.

Bridal favours

You will want to give a gift or keepsake as a thank-you to all your guests. The giving of a bridal favour, or bonbonierre, by the bride to her guests is Italian in origin. The traditional favour is made up of five sweet almonds representing health, wealth, happiness, fertility and luck, and is wrapped in net, lace or tulle. The choice of design and colour can create an excellent way of following through a theme. Just be careful with grandma's teeth though as the surrounding candy is quite hard to bite into so best to warn her first.

In fact, the favour or memento can be whatever you want: miniature bottles of spirits, boxed chocolates, candles, key rings, a slice of Wedding Cake, crackers or party poppers, or stubby holders. Personalised with your names, all these will make a lovely memento of your Cairns wedding.

Disposable (single-use) cameras are the fly-on-the-wall shots of your wedding reception that will give you the most surprises. You are sure to miss things going on, but someone quick enough will surely capture it for you so you can all sit around at a later date and admire or have a giggle whatever the case may be.

Leaving a disposable camera on each table gives your guests the opportunity to add their contribution to your special wedding day. Just be sure to always nominate someone to be responsible for collecting them up at the end of the day and arrange processing whilst you are away on your tropical honeymoon or babymoon if the case may be. It'll be another treat to look forward to on your return!

Bridal registry/gift lists

If this is your first marriage or you have not been living together prior to your Cairns wedding then your gift list may be your best chance to fill your home with those co-ordinated items you have always admired. Take the time to choose the china, glassware and linen that you will love for a lifetime. (Ask for eight glasses instead of six to account for future breakages.) Remember to detail your list with your chosen colours, patterns and designs. With many couples already having an established home, an ideal way to prevent guests buying unwanted gifts is to set up an on-line gift list register with one of the many services available on the internet.

If you have a favourite department store in a capital city like Myers or David Jones they provide a bridal registry system for you that is free of charge so your guests can make purchases on line or visit the shops to look at the items. Spend a day choosing the items, of varying prices, and leave it with the registry for your family and friends to choose from. When an item is bought, the store deletes it from the list and notes who bought what, and lets you know, ready for your thank-you cards. If you are getting married at a busy time of the year, for example autumn or Christmas time, set up your gift registry as early as possible as some stores limit the number of lists they can administer and the stock is in constant turnover and may not be available for the time leading up to your Port Douglas wedding day.

Opening and displaying your wedding gifts

Many newly married couples prefer not to open their presents until they return from the honeymoon or babymoon, leaving a special treat for after the wedding.

A safe place should be determined where presents brought on the day can be stored. If you want to open your gifts, a table should be set aside to display them afterwards. A gift that is a contribution to your wedding like Uncle Bill paying for the champagne toast could be inscribed on a gilt-edged card and displayed on the wedding gift table along with the other presents.

Remember to appoint someone beforehand to be responsible for transporting the gifts from the wedding reception venue to your Palm Cove or Port Douglas resort or hotel. They need to take care to keep the right card with the right present so you will know who to thank. (N.B. With all your new possessions, make sure you are well covered by your household insurance.)

Thank-you notes

All gifts should be acknowledged within a month of receiving them. Your thank-you note will be more thoughtful and appreciated if you make a mention of the gift you were given. (A thank-you note should also be sent to everyone who played an important part in your wedding day arrangements.)

Register Your Wedding

Register Your Wedding and save on holiday accommodation and local tours when getting married in Cairns, Port Douglas, and Palm Cove in tropical North Queensland Australia.

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