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Wedding Accommodation

Palm Cove and Port Douglas are known as some of the most requested and most popular destinations for a wedding in Australia and it’s no wonder when the weather is mostly always perfect and the backdrops are visually spectacular. The team at can assist you with all of the accommodation requirements saving you time and money so visit their website for more information

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes play a big part of a wedding so choosing the right cake artist and the style and flavour of the cake can be quite time confusing but fun at the same time. We recommend you try out a few of your favourite flavours from several wedding cake makers and you will be sure to settle on one that you both love.

Wedding Catering

Choosing a menu that will suit all palettes is again part of the fun of arranging your special wedding day so you should take your time and enjoy the experience and try out a few of the menu choices to see which ones you think really will suit firstly yourselves and secondly all of your guests.

Wedding Celebrants

To ensure your Cairns north Queensland marriage is recognised by law you have a few choices you can be married by a minister usually in a church or place of worship, you can be married by a civil celebrant in a registry office or by a civil marriage celebrant at beautiful Queensland beach locations like Trinity Beach, Palm Cove or Port Douglas or even out on the Cairns Great Barrier Reef the choice is yours.

Wedding Entertainment

If you have a themed wedding for the 50’s then you need a band that can rock out the cha cha and have all your guests dressed to match the era so finding that perfect wedding entertainment may just take you a little longer than you may have expected. However if you are just going for a nice two piece band or an ensemble your search may not be as difficult as you thought. Just ask for a copy of their latest gigs and listen to it in your home to see how they fit in with your style of wedding

Wedding Entertainment Port Douglas

Port Douglas offers a wide range of wedding entertainment from musicians to fire dancers to Aboriginal dancers to single flutists but you need to book them early as Port Douglas is a very popular wedding destination. See for a list of all the local artist and entertainers of Port Douglas

Wedding Flowers

Choosing your wedding flowers for a wedding in a tropical environment like Cairns and Tropical North Queensland is so exciting as you have a huge array of tropical flowers, vines, leaves and other unique accompaniments to make you wedding flowers a huge feature of your style. Planning table settings and boutonnieres with long lasting tropical plants and flowers make everything so much easier for you

Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding gifts ideas have changed over the years with a lot of couples requesting that guests do not give them a gift but instead donate to their favourite charity or they place money in a wishing well or bank account so they can pay for their honeymoon or that extension on their house. The giving of a wedding gift is very personal so a great deal of thought must be put into the purchase as the couple will remember that gift forever

Wedding Hair & Beauty

A beach wedding in a tropical environment can play havoc with your hair so ensure you and your stylist plan for a style that may have to put up with a bit of wind and humidity and keep it in place with a lot of hairspray and clips so you look radiant from the moment you stepped onto the beach until the very end of the evening

Wedding Honeymoons

After the wedding services and the party is over it is time to head off on that idealic honeymoon that you had both planned and booked together. Somewhere warm tropical and beautiful is normally at the top of the list along with quietness and privacy so you can relax and just concentrate on each other and reflect on the wedding day itself

Weddings Overview

There is so much to think about when planning a wedding so it is a great idea to talk to other brides and grooms and your family and friends to get some advice and a great place to source some of that advice is at here you will find all of the information you will need to plan a wedding in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland

Wedding Parties

Everyone loves a good party and a wedding party is a party that needs to be very carefully planned and executed to ensure absolutely everyone has a good time and that your choice of venue and entertainment are going to suit all of your guests

Wedding Photography

Wedding photographs are the most treasured of memories that you just cannot afford to skimp on when choosing a wedding photographer so you need to speak with a few photographers and videographers to get a sense of their style to see if it matches yours to ensure you get exactly the wedding photography you wish for

Wedding Stationary

There are so many fabulous styles and brands of wedding stationary now you can sit and have fun with all of your girlfriends and families and ask them for their opinions on the wedding stationary you should choose. If you care for the environment you can also send invitations on line and a good place to begin is

Wedding Suit & Dress Hire

Should you have a wedding dress made and should you purchase a suit for your wedding when there are so many bridal wear shops and suit hire shops nowadays? Or would you like to have your own wedding dress fantasy come to life in your own unique style that you want to be proud to show yourself in on your wedding day? The wedding suit and bridal gown are the most important aspects to consider for your upcoming wedding

Wedding Theming

Your romantic wedding could be a backyard barbeque or a fully themed event extravaganza it all just depends on your budget and the wedding guests being a party to the theming. Weddings do not have to be so formal nowadays and you can have some real fun planning your wedding day theme

Wedding Transport

A horse and carriage, a trike motorbike, a stretch limousine or a white horse your mode of transport for your wedding day is an entrance statement so make sure you choose one that all of your guests will remember and talk about for years to come

Wedding Venues

The wedding venues in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland are many and varied from beachfront to waterfalls, to cane fields to backyards. Your wedding venue choice limitations are only limited by your imagination. The region has some of the most beautiful chapels in Australia and the most suitable hotels and resorts with specific wedding venues