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Daintree Spas

Now you have planned your holiday in the tropical rainforests of Cairns and Tropical North Queensland it is now time to think about the activities and things you are going to do on your well- earned break from your daily working life in the cities or the rural landscapes. As a holiday in the rainforest is normally one of total relaxation and new experiences the indulgence of a few spa treatments are normally the order of the day for most guests that wish to really immerse themselves in the serenity and peacefulness of the rainforests ambience and surroundings

There is nothing quite like having your body treated to the soft caressing hands of a highly skilled masseur as they rub your body with oils intertwined with the sweet essences of flowers as you just lay there listening to the sounds of the songs of birds and babbling brooks in the background music.

Your spa room is normally cosy with the temperature set at just the right degree for the season and the walls painted specific colours to induce you into a trance of relaxation. You will also find two massage beds for you and your partner to enjoy in a romantic couples treatment. Outdoor spa tubs and showers take advantage of the privacy of the resorts hidden in the rainforest so you can sit outside and reflect on your treatment and just soak up the atmosphere and sweetness for half an hour

The Cape Tribulation and Daintree Resort Spas offer all sorts of various treatments for lovers of relaxation and some of those treatments can be for healing or remedial for injuries, deep tissue for men and or athletes, reflexology, or even try some of the spa rainforest products made up from ingredients that are sourced from the local region and add some detoxifying treatments over the days of your holidays to ensure you will be fully refreshed and ready to tackle life in the real world once your holiday time is over   

If you are looking for a holiday that offers rest, indulgence, relaxation mixed in with some new exciting adventures then the Cape Tribulation and Daintree region just may be what you are looking for. Just ensure you pre-book at least a few of your spa times when you make your holiday booking to ensure you can take every advantage of the treatments on offer and should you wish to try some more items on the spa menu you can book those at the resort at your will