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First established in the early 1960’s originally named “Marineland” and the Craig family gained ownership and then added the “Melanesia” to its name. With a history of hunting Crocodiles in Papua New Guinea, George Craig also collected rare and unusual Indigenous and Tribal artefacts from all over the Melanesia region. His beautiful collections are showcased within the islands tourist attraction. He also collected other historical nautical apparatuses over his lifetime on the oceans of the world.

What To See and What to Do at Marineland Melanesia?

Take a wander through the “Corridor of Gore” an extensive compilation of historic newspaper articles from all over the world and their gory pictures of the less fortunate who crossed paths with many giant salt water crocodiles, I guess as the saying goes… never smile at a crocodile!

Marineland Melanesia is also home to a few giant native sea turtles that have been rescued and being rehabilitated to be set free on the Great Barrier Reef and reef fish such as lionfish and Barramundi which share a huge aquarium.

This Cairns tourist attraction houses in excess of 20 ferocious Saltwater Crocodiles and also the world’s biggest captive saltwater crocodile, Cassius who turned 114 years old in May 2017. He is 5.48 metres long or 17ft 11.75 inches long.

The crocodiles are fed at 10.30 and 1.30pm each day so check on the notice board outside Marineland Melanesia for the timetable to ensure you do not miss out seeing Cassius out of his murky green billabong, you will be awestruck at his size with a girth big enough to swallow the family car!

The next largest crocodile at Marineland Melanesia is “Bulla” a welcoming name in the Fijian language but not when you are face to face with him as he is 4.3m in length and quite feisty. He and Cassius are kept as far away as possible from each other for fear of the fences being torn down to get to each other!

To see these dinosaurs in action will make your bones tremble! The incredible “SNAP!” as their jaws slam together. Crocodiles have a biting force up 5000lb/2250kg! It’s no wonder why they eat the unwitting human for breakfast!

Have your photograph taken to put in a frame of you or your children holding a baby crocodile that has its mouth sticky taped closed so it won’t bite you to put on the mantel piece

How To Get to Green Island and Marineland Melanesia

A walk around Marineland Melanesia will broaden your knowledge and appreciation for these beautiful creatures and it’s a must-do activity to include in your Green Island, Great Barrier Reef Tour. Book a  half day or full day trip to Green Island on-line or call the Cairns Holiday Specialists and The Tour Specialists on 1300 761 612.  You can even stay overnight at Green Island Resort and enjoy the tranquility of Green Island at night.

Located on the eastern side of Green Island Marineland Melanesia is a great attraction for all the family take a full day tour or a half day tour and spend a day on an island on the Great Barrier Reef. Book and pay at the door for Marineland Melanesia and buy some souvenirs in the gift shop 

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