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Atherton Tablelands Lake Barrine Tours

The journey from Cairns to the Cairns Atherton Tablelands is simply spectacular. You can go by comfortable coach or four wheel drive traveling along the scenic Gillies Range which offers breathtaking views of the Mulgrave Valley, native Australian bushland and tropical rainforest or if you are the independant type of explorer self drive.

Visitors are struck by the breathtaking beauty of Lake Barrine upon arrival. Lake Barrine is located in the Volcanic Crater Lakes National Park and is within the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Lake Barrine boasts an abundance of natural Australian beauty, and features a quaint timber heritage tea house perched on the edge of the crystal clear waters of the lake and nestled amongst lush tropical rainforest.

We highly recommend Visitors treat themselves to an award winning Devonshire Tea in the Tea House and a Rainforest and Wildlife Cruise on the sapphire waters of the volcano crater lake.

You will be amazed at what you will learn on this boat trip. (watch out for bubbles!)

Lake Barrine is a volcanic crater lake that was formed around 10,000 years ago. The freshwater lake is teeming with a myriad of wildlife including the saw-shelled python turtle and eastern water dragon.

These brave little turtles leave the volcano crater once in their lives and journey thru the myriad of rivers and creeks down to South Australia to mate and then return to the volcano to spend the rest of their lives. Can you believe it?

The Rainforest and Wildlife Volcano Cruise allows guests to view the alluring water creatures as it journeys around the volcanic crater brim.

Visitors will enjoy the relaxing 40 minute cruise around the volcano crater lake and if lucky will spot a python lazily basking in the sun or the musky-rat kangaroos foraging amongst the thick forest foliage. 

In addition to the myriad of wildlife and unique rainforest plants, the forest that surrounds Lake Barrine is also home to a pair of majestic 1,000 year old Kauri Pines.

These giants of the rainforest are simply breathtaking and a must see. Luckily they were saved from the destructive wood chippers that to this day still try to destroy our wilderness and now we can still marvel at the cleverness of Mother Nature and enjoy the fruits of the tourism dollars that these icons bring to Cairns every single day and the joy they bring to the tourists  

Lake Barrine is steeped in Aboriginal and European history. The Dulguburra Yidinji Aboriginal tribe that have resided in the area for thousands of years believe that the Rainbow Serpent (Yamini) created the volcano lake.

Dreamtime stories also abound regarding the creation of the Cairns Atherton Tablelands. The European heritage of Lake Barrine began when George and Margaret Curry built the Lake Barrine Teahouse in 1930.

Lake Barrine Tea House is owned by third generation Curry family descendants and the 80 year old Teahouse at Lake Barrine is simply charming. Nestled on the shores of the lake, the Teahouse boasts a large outdoor veranda, perfect for guests to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of the lake, refreshing Cairns Highlands climate and delightful terraced gardens.

Before visitors depart Lake Barrine a visit to the gift shop is recommended. Purchase a long lasting memento of a magical and enchanting visit to Lake Barrine.

How To Get There

From Cairns head south down Mulgrave Road down to Gordonvale and go up the Gillies Range Road. Head towards Yungaburra township.

Approximately 8km past Yungaburra, the turnoff to Lake Barrine National Park should be clearly signed on your left.

Take your swimmers as it is very refreshing swimming in the Lake Barrine Volcano crater and how many times do you get to do that in your life where you come from?.

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