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Atherton Tablelands

Atherton Tablelands

Atherton Tablelands Lake Barrine Tours

A visit to the ancient volcanic Crater Lake Barrine is a must as is the boat tour around the lake as you get to hear some of the region’s history and some of the most incredible information about the animals that inhabit the lake and its surroundings. Make sure you also call into the Lake Barrine Tea House for a Devonshire tea you will just love it

Atherton Tablelands Visitor Information

There is so much to see and do on the Atherton Tablelands for people with all sorts of varying interests and all levels of physical capabilities. From four wheel drive tours along dry river beds, to swimming in canyons or hand feeding wild Kangaroos or visiting coffee plantations and wineries to visiting historical sites and calling into all of the local food producers to taste their organic produce you will have so much to see and do when you spend a day on the Atherton Tablelands

Curtin Fig Tree

The Curtain Fig Tree is situated on the Atherton Tablelands and it is a marvel of nature to behold and shows how clever nature really is and how even trees and vines can adapt to new situations over time. The giant fig grows every year more and more to reach up to the sky to get some warmth and nutrients from the sunshine. Take a day tour to see the Curtain fig Tree or rent a car for the day and explore the region for yourselves

Cairns Tablelands Tropical North Queensland

The Cairns Tablelands are also known as the Cairns Highlands and the Atherton Tablelands. Some people say they the reason they are called the Tablelands is because this region is a big food producer 365 days of the year with most of the produce being shipped up to the Asian markets for immediate consumption by the highly demanding and highly paying markets

Skybury Australian Coffee Centre

Welcome to The Australian Coffee Centre, located at Australia's oldest coffee plantation, Skybury. This stunning, multi award winning timber building enjoys spectacular views across the surrounding countryside, with breakfast and lunch served daily in our restaurant. Join us on a fully escorted tour of the coffee plantation covering everything you've ever wanted to know about the origins, life cycle and production of coffee!

Undara Lava Tubes

The Undara Lava Tubes are an amazing group of volcanic lava tubes that were formed over 190,000 years ago in an underground explosion. These Lava Tubes are now acclaimed as one of the longest lava tubes in the world and they attract thousands of visitors annually to see these amazing formations and the environment they inhabit along with its wildlife