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Tandem Skydiving in Cairns – 14, 000 Feet - 60 Second Freefall.

admin on June 18th, 2021

Skydive Cairns - Why Jump Out Of a plane?

What better way to see Cairns, the ocean, the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforests in less than 5 minutes? Flying through the air above it all and seeing it first hand with no windows while soaring through the air.  Today is the day that I was to accomplish my first tandem skydive

I arrived at 82 Grafton St Cairns to the Skydive office to be greeted with some small paperwork and was soon given the appropriate gear of skydive pants, goggles and a harness that would attach me to my skydiver professional Ben.  Ben along with the rest of the instructors were incredibly knowledgeable in giving us the safety talk and even practicing how to communicate while soaring through the sky. 

For the first 15 seconds, we were to keep out arms crossed on our chests, then when our tandem dive professionals felt it was the right time to open up our arms, they would gently tap our shoulders to spread our arms like a birds wings.  When we slid out of the plane we were to arch our backs in order to feel comfortable and free while falling.  We had to wear our goggles until the parachute had gone up and lastly lift our feet up as high as we could without bending our knees for landing. 

I couldn’t miss the chance to be able to see myself doing such a stunt so I took a peak at the different options of getting the digital photos or DVD.  The DVD options were either the tandem diver professional tapes the jump on his hand-held cam, or that another dive professional jumps in front of you and tapes it from there.  I decided on the hand-held cam package.

My video started as we left the office and headed to the group van.  We were on our way to the plane that is specifically made for skydiving that would be taking us 14000 feet above sea level.  Once at the take off area, we all slid onto the benches facing the opposite way that the plane was going.  As the plane took off, it suddenly hit me what I was about to do.  No turning back now though, it was show time.  One of the girls excitedly said “okay, this is it, let’s go!” while her tandem dive professional laughed at her stating “hunny, we still have 9000 feet to go before jumping”.  It already felt like we were so high… The plane suddenly grew very silent. 

After a 20-minute scenic flight over Cairns, the rainforests, the Great Barrier Reef and islands, it was time to see this with no windows.  The camera was rolling and suddenly the door of the plane was removed.  This was it!  After the first tandem skydivers jumped, time seemed to move so fast that within what seemed like seconds, it was my turn.  As I got off of the bench and sat on the edge of the plane with my legs dangling out, I took a deep breath.  Ben asked me “Are you ready?” and as the adrenaline began to flow, I crossed my arms on my chest, let out a scream of excitement and we were off in the air freefalling. 

Skydive Cairns - Did I Jump Out Of a Plane?

Was I terrified anymore? Absolutely not!  How could I be with the amazing scenery below me and incredible views that I was about to experience while soaring through the air on my Cairns skydive experience.  It felt incredibly natural while free falling and after those first 10-15 seconds, Ben tapped me to open my arms as if I was soaring.  After over a minute of freefalling through the air, I felt a sudden jolt and up we went.  When the parachute went up I removed my goggles and looked around me.  We were calmly soaring above the beautiful tropics. Ben pointed out points of interest such as the Cane fields, the reef and Green Island.

First and foremost he was sure to ask me how I was, and with a smile stretching from ear to ear, I yelled back “couldn’t be better!”.

Before lading, we had some fun steering the parachute.  I lifted my legs for landing while Ben caught the ground with his feet.  Ben immediately unhooked us, congratulated me on a job well done as we watched the others land behind us.  Back on the bus we went for an incredibly excited bus ride back as we all shared our personal thoughts of our individual experiences of how we felt jumping out of the plane.  I was even able to watch my video on the bus to see how it looked.  I looked like I was having a blast of a time with a priceless smile. 

Back at the Skydive Cairns office, we all collected our belongings and received our congratulatory certificate for challenging gravity and winning while jumping out of a perfectly functioning airplane.  It was an incredible experience that I thought I would only do once, but now couldn’t wait until the next time.  I would highly recommend skydive Cairns not only for just the jump experience but also for their incredibly friendly jump staff that are so passionate about skydiving.  The staff was telling us that they did about 8 skydives per day at work and on their days off never missed the chance to do more.  The comfort level of jumping out of a plane is so much better when you’re doing it with someone who is knowledgeable about skydiving and is excited and motivated! 

Don’t miss your chance to take part in this eye opening, adrenaline rush with breathtaking scenery while visiting Cairns.  It is an experience that you will take home with you forever and never forget. 

By: Blythe Rallo, Tour Desk Consultant at The Tour Specialists

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