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Rescue Diver Scared To Go Out On Tourist Boat To Dive In Cairns – Tourists & Global Warming

Sophie Tabouel on November 1st, 2021

On the 5th of May my partner and I decided to take an adventure and do a reef trip to see the Great Barrier Reef with Sunlover Cruises and go to their new pontoon that has the only waterslide on the reef.


Photo Courtesy of Sunlover Cruises


I can say this waterslide made us think of lots of screaming kids and we were not really sure we had made the right decision to go out with these guys as we are mature 20 year olds.


Boarding time for the reef trip at the Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal was 9.30 am, check in for the reef cruise was perfect as it wasn’t too busy and we were looked after by friendly staff members on land and we were directed down the Marina Jetty to the boat that we’d be cruising with to see Australia’s world famous Great Barrier Reef.


As a rescue diver I know that these boats carry many novice divers and snorkelers and I had this sinking feeling that this was not really going to be much of a dive for a qualified rescue diver.


My partner is an introductory diver and not quite so keen on scuba diving as myself so she decided to just relax on the big pontoon and do a bit of solo snorkelling whilst I went out on my certified dive tour.


Photo Courtesy of Sunlover Cruises - Snorkelling


After getting onto the boat and going through the safety features of the vessel we had about an hour and a half journey to the Great Barrier Reef, this was broken up with a stop off at Fitzroy Island which was beyond beautiful on the day and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the water was clear.


The journey after Fitzroy Island to the reef was a bit rough due to the strong winds on the day with the crew helping those that needed help, everybody was happy once we arrived to the floating pontoon out on the reef that was to be our island home for the day’s events.


Photo Courtesy of Sunlover Cruises - Fitzroy Island Stop


Being a rescue diver I was a bit nervous that I was going to be diving in a group of fresh newbie scuba divers and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself underwater as much as I would have liked, however the diver master spoke to me and gave me and another girl (also a rescue diver) another guide and we were able to go to parts of the reef that not many people are able to go see, so I was overjoyed about the fact that they took the time and attention to ensure experienced divers like us got to enjoy the dive experience that we paid for.


Rescue Diver Shocked Head On


The thing that really blew my mind me was that the dive guide took us first to see a part of the Great Barrier Reef that was decimated by coral bleaching without even forewarning us. 


It then really struck me as I was seeing this once brilliant underwater wonderland that was now totally dead, the impact global warming has had even under the water, let alone on the land, it now really hit home.


This head on visual has now made me think about how I can make some changes and decisions in my personal life (although they may be small, and if each person did the same the impact would be monstrous) that can assist to alter our planets health and of course our future.


Photo Courtesy of Sunlover Cruises


Being election time too it helped me re-think who I was going to vote for.


When we had a good look around this ghostly reef, which by the way was still very beautiful, we then headed off to a wall and trench to see some big plate corals, bommies, colourful nudibranchs, vibrant varieties of hard and soft corals and of course we saw the hundreds of varieties of marine life that call these coral kingdoms home.


We spent around over an hour going to all sorts of impressive reefs after our initial introduction to the Great Barrier Reef, and I surfaced with the same WOW factor I did over 5 years ago when I last visited and scuba dived the reef.


Our dive guide in my opinion was very smart to show us the coral bleaching and then the brilliance of the reef as I am now personally going to make some changes in my life to help the global climate change issue and our future.


Afternoon Activities on the Great Barrier Reef Pontoon


After my amazing scuba dive experience, a buffet lunch was served which was a good mix between western and eastern cuisine for everyone to enjoy on board.


Photo Courtesy of Sunlover Cruises - Sun Deck


Tip: if you are vegetarian pre-order the Vegan lunch


After lunch and a small relax in the sun my partner and I decided to go snorkeling, Sunlover had cornered off a special area of the reef for those who were snorkeling.


Plenty of fish and beautiful coral on display made this an amazing experience.


Sunlover also offer their customers a glass bottom boat tour along with a semi-submersible  submarine for those who like to stay dry or are non-swimmers but still want to have a look at what the Great Barrier Reef has to offer.


Photo Courtesy of Sunlover Cruises - Semi-submersible Submarine


The day was topped off with a nice slow cruise back to Cairns while having a drink and watching the sunset with my partner.


I would like to say a massive thank you to the entire team on board Sunlover for making my dive experience and Cairns holiday extra special.


Get on board phone 1300 761 612 or book here 


Sebastian Beven - Singapore

Sophie Tabouel

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