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Quicksilver Is The Great Barrier Reef

admin on December 2nd, 2021

Quicksilver Tours From Port Douglas

On arrival at Marina Mirage Port Douglas passengers are assured a smooth check in at the Quicksilver shop once checked in passengers receive their boarding passes and are directed to the cruise vessel. Once on board the vessel passengers can help themselves to morning tea including coffee, tea, sweet biscuits & muffins.

Available for purchase are motion sickness tablets crew point this out over a loud speaker stating that now is the time to purchase those if you do not travel well with departure time only half an hour away also is made up ready to go Red Cordial this helps with nausea. In this time a safety briefing is on display by the crew of what is expected of you in the unlikely event of an emergency.

At 10.00am we set sail out to the Agincourt Ribbon Reef just off the continental shelf roughly about a 90 minute journey throughout this time any passengers wishing to participate in any diving activities (introductory, cert) helmet walks or helicopter flights whilst out on the reef are given thorough tuitions and briefings.

Scuba Diving Port Douglas

I had the opportunity to take part in an introductory scuba dive, something I have never done before so I was excited. Nick my dive instructor went through all the signals I needed to know whilst I was underwater, to ensure if at any stage I was having trouble with my dive I could communicate correctly with him. You are handed a medical sheet which must be read & signed as some medical conditions can prevent you from diving.

During these discussions you are given a time and location of where your activity will take place. Also for those passengers just wishing to snorkel a full tuition takes place on the 2nd Deck weather you are experienced or a 1st time snorkeller it is important that you listen in as every reef throughout the world has different rules & regulations which must be abided by & the crew are there to make your journey as safe & enjoyable as possible.

The crew explains how to use the snorkel equipment, as for some people it can take some getting used to. Also you are advised on what to do if you are stung by the marine stingers or if you cut yourself on the coral. Lycra sun suits are highly recommended as other marine bities can still be present in the water & not only do the sun suits protect you from itchy stings but they protect you from the sun.

Quicksilver operate on a pontoon so this is perfect for travelers wanting to experience our magnificent reef without getting their feet wet. From semi submersible submarine tours running every 15 minutes they are able to see the beautiful marine life that divers & snorkelers are seeing. Passengers can ride as many times as they wish as this activity is included in the cost. There is an on duty lifeguard watching over you whilst swimming out on the reef.  

Lunch is served on the pontoon which is great as you have a 360 degree view of the ocean and what better way to dine. Lunch is buffet style consisting of fresh salads, cold meats, prawns, bread rolls, hot dishes & fresh fruit. For those who are still hungry after their 1st serve don’t worry about going for 2nds as there is plenty of food. There is also a licensed bar on board for those who wish to purchase soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, chips & chocolate bars. Free water, tea & coffee are readily available.

The marine & aquatic life is absolutely stunning. What you can expect to see out on the reef are a large range of tropical fish displaying magnificent colors, amazing coral, turtles, reef tip sharks, Maori Wrasse, sea cucumbers & any other surprise sightings you may encounter.

Overall time out on the reef is around 3 hours 30 mins so you have plenty of time for all of your activities. When departure time is nearing a very loud horn is blown to attract the swimmers attention so they know to make their way back to the pontoon and start boarding the vessel for departure.

Afternoon tea is served on board being fresh fruit, cheese & crackers, tea & coffee. A final head count is conducted once the numbers are correct and the final departure clearance is ready its time to head back to Port Douglas as your wonderful day comes to an end. On the sail home you will be able to view photos & video footage of your amazing day spent out on the reef. These are available for purchase it is not everyday you make a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef so be able to take something home and share with your family & friends is a must.

A final announcement is made about 30 mins off docking for all passengers to finalize their accounts.

Quicksilver is suited for any traveler even the non-swimmer or disabled. From coach transfers to vessel to crew you are guaranteed to have an outstanding day.

**Special mention to Alicia Quinn Sales Executive from Quicksilver she was fantastic always making sure we were enjoying our day also was very informative she certainly knew her product***

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Quicksilver Is The Great Barrier Reef

By Alisha Bardsley


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