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Big Cat Green Island – Full Day Cruise

admin on March 6th, 2021

Green Island Tours From Cairns


Green Island truly is a little piece of paradise.  Located just 40kms off the coast of Cairns, you will not be disappointed with all the wonderful things on offer at this exciting island.

Your day starts with an efficient check in at the very easy to navigate Reef Fleet terminal in Cairns.  The friendly staff then helps you make your way over to the Reef Cat, a huge catamaran that will serve as your home base for the remainder of the day.  Upon boarding, there is a professional photographer who is more than happy to take your photo.  The staff’s excitement is contagious!  Combine that with sunshine and a sense of adventure and you are guaranteed to have an amazing day at Green Island!

The cruise over to Green Island takes approximately one hour and 15 minutes.  There is freshly brewed tea and coffee served before the boat departs, and once you are out on the water, the staff take over the airways and provide you with all the information you will require throughout the day.  

We had opted for the Underwater Seawalker expedition so we had a short briefing on where to be and when once we arrived at the island.

We arrived at Green Island with the sun shining brightly and the wind blowing gently.  We disembarked and headed straight for Marineland Melaneisa to catch the crocodile and turtle feeding show!  Along the way we were able to get a feel of just how tropical the island actually is – sandy pathways, green surrounds, with a little peek out to the ocean every few metres.  

We made it over to the marineland with time to spare and thoroughly enjoyed the exhilarating crocodile feeding demonstration.  You are so close to the crocs that you feel as if you are going to be their dessert!  The whole show takes about 20 minutes and then you are free to explore the fascinating museum at a leisurely pace.  There are many different crocodile pens, tropical fish tanks, and loads about the history of Captain Cook and his discovery of Green Island.

Heading back to the boat to go for a glass bottom boat excursion allows you to take in some more of the beautiful tropical surroundings.  The glass bottom boat departs off the back of the Reef Cat every half an hour.  Your knowledgeable tour guide will inform you of all the different types of coral that grow around Green Island, as well as several different species of fish that call the coral home.  A fish feeding demonstration is the perfect addition to this short cruise.

Once you are back on the Reef Cat, pop on over to the other side to board the semi submersible submarine vessel.  This partially submerged ride allows 360 degree views of stunning coral.  The fish really enjoy swimming against the current of the boat so don’t be surprised if a school decide to hitch a free ride!  Another fish feeding demonstration from an underwater perspective allows you to truly feel part of the ocean.  The semi submarine ride at Green Island is an absolute must do! 

Lunch is served buffet style aboard the Reef Cat.  There are several different hot and cold options, as well as a selection of beverages available for purchase at the bar.  Fill your boots and then head back over to the island for all your afternoon adventures!

A quick walk around the island ensured the excitement started building about what was up next – Underwater Seawalker expedition!  The friendly staff at The Dive Shop makes sure you are all kitted out and ready to go exploring an amazing under water world.  Once you’re all geared up, a tender will takes you from the island out to where all the magic happens. 

 After a brief demonstration, you are led down a ladder to explore a completely different world just below the surface of the water.  Adjusting to the change in pressure takes a few moments, but once you have adjusted, excitement takes over and you are on your way!  There is an underwater guide who takes you on this phenomenal journey, complete with different species of fish following along and a hands on coral presentation which makes this experience that much better.  

Before you know it, time is up and you are heading back up to the real world.  The Underwater Seawalker is a brilliant way to explore the sea – without even getting your hair wet!

We caught the tender back to the island where we had some time for a quick snorkel and swim.  Seeing a turtle as soon as we got in the water absolutely made our day – even if it did swim off before we got a change to get too close.  Whoever said turtles were slow clearly hasn’t seen one swim!

All too soon, it was time to board the boat and head back into Cairns.  A cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea was available before we departed and the journey back to port just flew by.

Spending the day at Green Island was a fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone.  There is so much to do and see out there that you might just need a second trip out!

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By: Andrea Teed, Tour Consultant


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