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Nov 29

Flames of the Forest

Posted on November 29, 2009 by

Flames of the Forest is an absolutely stunning rainforest dining experience that should be at the top of your holiday to do list.  This magical evening set in a World Heritage listed site will fill you with delicious food for the body and soul.


You are picked up from your Cairns or northern beaches accommodation in a luxurious air-conditioned coach bus and driven to your secret destination which is just south of Port Douglas.  After turning off the highway, you head down a road where the forest gets denser and denser.  All of a sudden, a path of flaming torches comes into view and you have arrived at your secret rainforest destination.  The friendly staff warmly welcomes you with a glass of chilled Australian sparkling wine and a selection of mouth watering canapés.  As you enjoy your drink and begin to take in your surroundings – it hits you.  You are dining in the oldest rainforest in the world.  The tent is a beautiful lush dark purple velvet and the most unique chandeliers are lighting it up.  There are candles everywhere and the scent of the forest is filtering towards your table.


After a brief welcome speech dinner is served!  It’s best to go famished to this night as the food is more than plentiful.  From gourmet salads to classic Australian cuisine there is something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.  The wait staff are constantly coming around topping up your drink as the Aboriginal dreamtime story telling begins!  It’s two Aboriginal brothers sharing stories from their childhood with you and they are just fascinating.  You really get a feel of how important family and nature are to the Aboriginal people.  They speak about different animals and what they represent to them.  They also speak about their ancestors and how important it is to them to carry on their traditions.  It is fascinating and intriguing listening to them describe their culture with such passion.


When you have finished eating, the Aboriginal brothers come out again only this time they sing and play the didgeridoo.  The sounds are almost haunting against the peacefulness of the rainforest.  The performance culminates when the chandeliers are turned off and all that surrounds you is candlelight.  As you look up you start to see tiny green lights dancing all over the tent and the effect of the tiny lights against the dark backdrop is just stunning.


For dessert, the most amazing Pavlova is served with freshly brewed tea and coffee.  Also at this time, you are able to hop up on stage and have your photo taken with the Aboriginal story tellers.  Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to meet the performers!  Finally, one last walk through the torch lit rainforest for your coach ride back to your accommodation.  This entire evening can only be described in one word: magical.  It is definitely one not to be missed.


For more information about Flames of the Forest please visit The Tour Specialists


By: Andrea Teed, Tour Consultant





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