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Nov 17

Sunlover Reef Cruise

Posted on November 17, 2009 by

A day at the reef on the Sunlover pontoon is an incredibly relaxed way to check out one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  With the late departure time, entertaining crew, and magnificent reef, Sunlover Reef Cruises are sure to make your day at the reef one to remember!


One of the differences between Sunlover and other cruise companies is the 10am departure from the Reef Fleet Terminal in Cairns.  Having a 9:15am check in time allows you to have a bit of a lie in and plenty of time to ponder all the exciting adventures your day holds!  Freshly brewed tea and coffee are served upon boarding so grab a cuppa and prepare for departure. 


On your journey out to the pontoon the knowledgeable yet hilarious crew will entertain you with a safety and snorkeling demonstration.  At this time you will also be briefed on any introductory and certified dive info, as well the underwater seawalker and guided snorkeling tour options.  As I had chosen to do the seawalker, David briefed our small group on what was going to happen.


The boat arrived at the pontoon out at Moore Reef at approximately 11:30am.  We disembarked the boat and set foot on the spacious, sun covered pontoon.  All the equipment and different stations are all clearly labeled and organized on the pontoon so any gear you require for the day is readily accessible.  Within ten minutes of docking we had our snorkel gear on and we were off exploring the majestic underwater world!  Due to the fact that the pontoon is out in the open sea, the water gets quite deep in places.  There are several snorkel rest stations, lifejackets, and lifeguards who are constantly keeping a close watch on you.  The upside of the deep water is how incredibly intact all the coral is and the how many marine species call this patch of coral home.


After all the snorkeling you’re bound to have worked up an appetite so board the ship again and indulge in the beautifully presented hot and cold buffet lunch.  Tea, coffee, and water are available throughout the day as well.  Lunch can be eaten on either the boat or out on the pontoon so there is plenty of room.  While relaxing after lunch be sure to check out the underwater observatory for another perspective of the Great Barrier Reef.


Our seawalker expedition was scheduled after lunch so we headed over to the dive station to pull on our wet suits and have our weight belts attached.  After a quick briefing we descended the steps to a platform located just under the pontoon.  From there, we had our helmets placed on our heads and were guided down the ladder to the underwater platform!  Instantly the fish surround you and you are able to reach out and touch them if you like.  As you walk along the platform, an underwater photographer takes a bunch of photos that are available for purchase later on.  The underwater seawalker is the best way to experience the depths of the ocean without even getting your hair wet!


We had plenty of time to continue snorkeling after the seawalker.  We saw a wide range of marine life including parrot fish, ‘nemo’ fish, and even a sea turtle!  Unfortunately the resident ‘Maori Wrasse’ didn’t make an appearance for us – but that just means we’ll have to go back out!  After officially snorkeling ourselves out we headed to the freshwater showers located on the deck of the pontoon to rinse off and prepare for the journey back to Cairns.


The ride back to port was a quiet one as many people can’t resist the urge to fall asleep on the comfortable benches aboard the boat.  There is a good chance they were dreaming bout all the incredible things they saw while spending the day with Sunlover Reef Cruises!


To learn more about this tour please visit The Tour Specialists


By: Andrea Teed, TTS Tour Consultant

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