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Nov 13

Big Cat Green Island

Posted on November 13, 2009 by

8.30am check in at the reef fleet terminal was extremely smooth received my passes for lunch, sea walker & semi submersible ride, I was also given times of when my activities would take place. Before boarding the Bigcat you have a photo taken of you which will be available for purchase on the journey home.


On board coffee and tea is served before the vessel departs. A safety brief is also given before departure. On the sale out any passengers who are snorkeling need to organize their equipment please note a deposit is required to be left which you are given a blue slip for and when you return the gear at the end of the day you will get the deposit back. Also any passengers who wish to scuba dive or doing the sea walker are asked to attend tuitions.


On the sale out to Green Island I was lucky enough to see some humpback whales the skipper stalled the boat for around 15 minutes so we could watch the whales pass they were definitely showing off for us jumping out of the water making huge splashes and waving to us very cheeky for the tourists. This was amazing to see I am so happy we were lucky as people pay good money to go out whale watching we just got the added bonus. On arrival at Green Island I found a nice part of the beach to place my belongings then it was time to hit the water for some snorkeling. Lots of parrot fish, angel fish some nemo’s and lots coral & other fish. 


After some snorkeling I headed back to the Big Cat where lunch was being served on board the buffet consisted of fresh cold meats, Japanese curry, delicious vegetarian lasagna, rice, 4 different salads & tropical fruit platter there is plenty of food so don’t feel bad to go up as many times as you like as you will definitely work up an appetite with all the activities you will be doing. For those passengers not wanting to get wet there is the glass bottom boat & semi submersible running throughout the day also is the Marineland Melanisia the walk thru nautical museum. For those wanting to eat on the island there are 5 different eateries that you can choose from.


After lunch it was time for more snorkeling and a laze around on the beach. I had perfect weather the water was very calm and the sun was shining. There are lifeguards on duty on one side of the island so for those who not so strong in the water no need to stress because someone will be looking out or you. There is also umbrella & sun lounge hire, also a volleyball net for those who wish to be active.


At around 3pm it was time to head back to the Big Cat for the sail home. After a passenger count is conducted and the figures are correct the crew do some fish feeding and then we depart green island for the sail home. During this time you are able to purchase photo’s that have been taken also enjoy a drink from the licensed bar and take in the beautiful surroundings or even hopefully see a whale.


At around 5pm you will dock into Marlin Marina & your day is over with only great memories to take away with you.


I had a wonderful day out at Green and would highly recommend this tour to everyone young, old, families, couples, solo travelers it caters for everyone.


For more information about this tour please visit The Tour Specialists


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