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Jul 09

Cairns Horse Riding and ATV Quad Biking Thru Sugar Cane Fields And Mud

Posted on July 9, 2019 by

Photo Courtesy of Blazing Saddles Adventures

 Wow, what an amazing fun filled day I had at Blazing Saddles in Cairns with my partner recently!

We decided to test each others comfort levels and try something that neither of us have done before, me riding high performance ATV Quad Bikes and my partner riding horses.

We booked our tour automatically online with The Tour Specialists and locked ourselves in for the for 9am tour to jump on the Quad Bike ATV’s first up.

The website gave us the option for a coach pick up or self-drive and we decided to do the self-drive to the cane farm just out of Cairns as I had the use of my mum’s Mercedes and I was going to milk that opportunity!

Unfortunately we under estimated the Cairns traffic so were running 10 minutes late, the staff at Blazing Saddles were so flexible with this and ensured us we wouldn’t miss out.

We arrived at the property at jumped straight on the Quad Bikes after a demonstration of how to use the bikes and all the different safety specs.

For our first practice to get a feel for the ATV’s we started by going around a little track that gets you used to the bikes and how to use them safely.

It had some muddy puddles and rocks to drive over and get a good feel for the Quad Bikes.

Photo Courtesy of Blazing Saddles Adventures

We then set off around the working sugar cane property, going through little man-made rivers and mud piles, going up and down hills. It was so much fun!

I’m a typical city girl but this definitely brought out a different side of me, I was driving straight through the water and getting mud all over me, it was such a great morning.

After an hour or so of driving the bikes we went back to the office area and had a drink of water and just a quick rest before we got back on the bikes again and tackled some of the more tricky trails, going through the sugar cane and up steep hills, we headed back to the office again and got ready to jump into our next comfort level test of horse riding.

Cairns Horse Riding

I’ve grown up with horses my whole life from a very young age, so I was very keen to jump on our horseback ride.

The staff ask your level of riding and choose the horse specifically for you.

My partner was a complete beginner and has never been horse riding in his life before, so he was given a sweet horse to suit his level, he was anxious at first, but the team gave some instructions of how to control the horse and off he went.

He got his confidence up quickly as the guide helped him and reassured him. I was given a more experienced horse who was named Dancer, he was so lovely.

We set off on our trail and after a while they split the group up so the more experienced riders could go off for a canter while the beginners continued with walking.

We went through sugar cane, rivers, and flat lands, it was so beautiful out on the property.

I honestly could not have asked for a better day to go horse riding in Cairns.

We rode around the Billabong which the team leaders told us has a resident crocodile and don’t go too close to the water’s edge.

Photo Courtesy of Blazing Saddles

My partner eventually saw himself as John Wayne and decided to work up to a trot and all was going well until his confidence got a bit too high when he decided to canter!

Unfortunately for him it all fell apart and he ended up on the ground with his horse happily munching away on the grass as he recovered his confidence.

Good on him he re-mounted and off we went again into the yonder of the cane fields!

Not sure he really wants to go horse riding again though but I will sure go on the ATV Quad Bikes again so I think I was the coolest cucumber for the days challenge.


All of the staff were so helpful and so approachable. I recommend you make sure you book Blazing Saddles here as it caters for all ages, all personalities and I couldn’t recommend it more as it is so much fun.


Saachi James-Mason

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