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Jan 30

Introductory Scuba Divers Must Book This Great Barrier Reef Tour!

Posted on January 30, 2019 by

Photo Courtesy of Ocean Freedom

Why should introductory scuba divers book this Great Barrier Reef tour?

Because Ocean Freedom is the only boat on the reef that has 1 dive instructor with 2 introductory scuba divers.

This means you are listened to and all the attention is squarely on you, and you only, not 5 other introductory scuba divers.

Learning to scuba dive can be a bit scary at first and you really need to have your listening ears on to ensure you grasp the concept of how to use a BCD or scuba diving gear.

Scuba diving can also be dangerous if you:

a.) Have a non-declared medical condition

b.) You have been drinking alcohol heavily before diving

c.) If you do not listen to the instructor and follow signals

d.) You take a plane flight or go to the Atherton Tablelands the next day as altitude is not recommended to fly for 24 hours to be on the safe side

Photo Courtesy of Ocean Freedom

About The Great Barrier Reef Tour

A fantastic day out on a Great Barrier Reef tour from Cairns visiting 2 spectacular sites.

Spending 6 full hours on the reef on the surrounding reef of Upolu Cay and the Wonder Wall.

This 20 metre Motor CAT is one of the most personalised Great Barrier Reef tours in Cairns. It carries low numbers of a maximum of 75 passengers but it is actually surveyed to take 109 passengers so as you can imagine there is lots of space to sit and move around.

Photo Courtesy of Ocean Freedom

This make the boat feel more spacious and comfortable.

The professional dive crew give you a more personalized experience making it the perfect

Great Barrier Reef tour great for beginners to the more experienced certified divers.

For beginners: there are team members on hand to help you learn to snorkel. They will fit you with the right snorkelling gear including buoyancy vest and take you on a guided snorkel tour with one of their highly experienced marine interpreters.

For beginners that are feeling adventurous: they offer introductory scuba dives and as mentioned above Ocean Freedom specialises in first time divers offering a maximum group of only 2 scuba divers to one dive instructor.

For guest needing a little more attention, they will do a one on one experience.

For the more experienced: Certified scuba divers can take part in up to 2 spectacular dives with a complimentary guide.

The day starts by checking in at the Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal at 07:15 for an 08:00am boat departure.

You will be welcomed by the friendly team on the desk to give you boarding passes and to direct you where the boat is docked.

Photo Courtesy of Ocean Freedom

Great Barrier Reef Tour Itinerary

Once on board the boat you can help yourself to some delish Danish pastries and fresh seasonal fruit. Tea and coffee will be available all day while the boast is stationary.

Once the boat departs, the introductory diver and certified dive briefing will begin.

All scuba divers are required to fill out and sign a Medical Questionnaire. Whatever you do, you need to be honest on these forms as it could save your life and other people’s lives.

Photo Courtesy of Ocean Freedom

For the introductory divers: Your briefing will start with a safety presentation and explanation regarding what scuba diving is all about. They will then go through the basic skill you will need to learn before descending under water.

For the certified divers: They will go through how to use their equipment, the dive route and what you will be expecting to see.

The first mooring is at the Wonder Wall, an amazing wall of reef going down to 10-13 M depth. This is a great site of divers and snorkelers alike.

Just before the boat moors the divers will be asked to head to the diver’s deck.

Certified divers will do their buddy check and entre the water for the 50-minute dive.

Introductory divers will have a gear briefing then enter the water.

There are stability bars on the boat where the highly qualified diver instructors will teach the basic in-water skills. Once the intro diver has successfully got the skill down pat you will all be off for your 30-minute introductory scuba dive.

Photo Courtesy of Ocean Freedom

It is also time now for the snorkelers to enter the water. There is a high crew to guest ratio so if anyone needs assistance a team member will be able to help or even take you for a guided snorkel tour.

Divers will get a chance to take part in a second dive. This was my favourite site of the day! With an amazing dive seeing 2 reef sharks, a turtle and the biggest sting ray I had ever seen!

After all guests are back on the boat, and safety checks have been done, you will be taken to the next Great Barrier Reef site mooring, Upolu Cay.

Lunch will then be served. Lunch is a fresh buffet consisting of Queensland prawns, Tasmanian smoked salmon, roast chicken, mixed meat platter, 3 fresh salad selections and assorted breads.

Guest will now get the opportunity to snorkel the beautiful reef and bommies around the cay and to take part in the glass bottom boat tour with Marine Naturalist.

Ocean Freedom has fresh water shower on boat, so after guests take part in their last snorkel they can rinse off.

Photo Courtesy of Ocean Freedom

On the way home back to Cairns, you will be served yummy cheese and cracker, fresh tropical seasonal fruits and cake. You will arrive back at the Marlin Marina about 16:00.

We highly recommend this Great Barrier Reef tour especially for first time scuba divers wanting to explore the reef.

Author: Claire Redshaw – Great Barrier Reef Tour Specialist

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