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Aug 20

What to Expect – Great Barrier Reef Cruise Ship Facilities

Posted on August 20, 2018 by

Photo Courtesy of Coral Expeditions

Our 3, 4 and 7 day cruise ships provide a wide range of in water equipment for those cruise ship passengers that are avid scuba divers and or snorkelers.

We have a fully qualified Dive Instructor and team to ensure you see the best parts of the Great Barrier Reef and are safe and secure.
Of course if you are a scuba diver, you need to pre-provide us with your dive credentials and fill in a Medical Questionnaire before being permitted to kit up for a dive session.

Please note that our dive instructors will make the final determination of a person’s condition and suitability to scuba dive at all times.
During the months of October to May we highly recommend you wear a full body lycra sun suit to not only protect you from painful sunburn but from a potential marine sting. Sun suits may be purchased on board the cruise ship.

Tender Vessels

Glass bottom boat tours are conducted around the wonderful coral bommies and are used for shore landings.

Photo Courtesy of Coral Expeditions

The glass bottom boat is located on a hydraulic platform at the stern of the ship which enables all of our guests to just walk straight onto the boat from Deck C without any effort.
Jump on board and take a ride with our Marine Biologist to learn all about the islands, flora and fauna and the wildlife that inhabit the Great Barrier Reef region.


Are you a little bit sportier than the average cruise ship passenger?

Photo Courtesy of Coral Expeditions

If so we have some single use sea kayaks that are available for your use at selected points thru ought your Great Barrier Reef cruise.
Just make sure you have your sun suit on, a hat and good reflective sunnies.

Stairs on Your Cruise Ship

Photo Courtesy of Coral Expeditions

There are no elevators or lifts on our expedition style cruise ships.
Guests will have to be able to negotiate the steep stairs on their own.
Each flight of stairs is approximately 12-13 steps and quite steep.

Air-Conditioned – Cruise Ship

Photo Courtesy of Coral Expeditions

As the ship is air-conditioned throughout, passengers are unable to moderate their own cabin room temperature.
Please also note for safety reasons the windows and portholes on the cruise ship are unable to be opened


Voltage on board is 220/250Hz, 50 cycles AC (standard Australian 3 pin plugs).
A slanted 2-pin plug will work however with the 3rd pin missing, the item will not be grounded.
For our international guests who may not be travelling with multinational plugs we may loan a number adapters available for you to borrow.
We do however recommend you purchase your own equipment prior to boarding.

Photo Courtesy of Coral Expeditions

Phone & Internet

Sorry all of you addicted social media gurus, we do not provide internet access on-board.
Our cruises take you away from all that noise and place you in the moment of your surroundings.

If we are travelling close to the coastline you may be able to still have access to your internet/mobile provider but certainly not in any remote outer regions.

For more information on our Great Barrier Reef cruises you may talk to one of our cruise experts on 07 4059 5959 or 1300 761 612 or follow this link and take a look at our Deck Plan below to choose your berth for your next Great Barrier Reef 3, 4 or 7 day cruise holiday.

Photo Courtesy of Coral Expeditions

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