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Aug 06

Boutique Cruise Ship Tours on the Great Barrier Reef

Posted on August 6, 2018 by


Things You Need to Know Before Boarding

We have compiled a few little tips and hints you may like to know before you book or depart on your dream holiday cruise ship tour on the Great Barrier Reef.

We have tried to keep it brief but also highly informative however should you still have some niggling questions, by all means please do give us a call as we will be very happy to assist you and answer all of your questions.

The cruise we would like to inform you about here is on is our boutique Great Barrier Reef 3, 4 and 7 day cruise that we offer which departs each week from Cairns in Tropical North Queensland Australia.

With a maximum of 44 guests the atmosphere on board is relaxed and casual, providing freedom and flexibility to explore the more remote untouched beaches, coral cays and picturesque remote islands in an unhurried manner with only a handful of other like-minded guests.

Our Ships Crew

Our expedition ship’s crew is headed by our long serving Captain, our Marine Biologist who exudes the ultimate passion in everything to do with conservation and our highly attentive lead Purser.

We then have our highly trained deck and personal hospitality crew available thru the day to assist you to enjoy your Great Barrier Reef cruising holiday.

On Board Policies

–No Key Policy–

This may sound a bit strange to you but for your safety we have a “no key policy” on our Great Barrier Reef cruises.

If you wish to bring along the family jewels please advise our Purser and we will care for your valuables in the ship’s safe.

–Open Bridge Policy–

As we are a boutique cruise ship with a limited number of like-minded guests, we prefer to offer an open bridge policy to make everyone feel part of the whole experience, to mingle with the Captain and crew to further enjoy your journey across the azure waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

–Gratuities Policy–

In Australia tipping is not a given, it is an expression of gratitude for really great service. Should you wish to make a tip for a particular steward or staff member please see the Purser (cash only) for distribution.

Normally gratuities are shared amongst the whole service staff on an equal basis.

–Smoking Policy–

Due to Government, Health and safety regulations smoking is only permitted on Deck C aft only. Guests are not permitted to dispose of cigarettes overboard and there is a total ban on smoking when travelling on tender vessels to remote islands and when refuelling as we are in a sensitive marine national park.

–Ship Board Account–

Upon our meet and greet we will automatically open a personal ship board account for any little extras you require outside your on-board cruise ship inclusions.

You will be asked to sign your bill each time and you may settle your account at the end of the voyage by credit card or cash (AUD$).

–Mobility/Health requirements and Insurance Coverage–

Our Great Barrier Reef cruises are suitable for a range of fitness levels, however a reasonable level of mobility and health is required to travel and enjoy all that our boutique cruise ship itineraries have to offer in these remote regions of Australia.

All guests should be in good general health, able to walk reasonable distances and over sometimes unstable terrain and also be able to negotiate stairs especially in emergency situations.

Our expedition hikes and walks do vary in intensity and where possible groups can be split to suit easy and moderate walkers.

–Dietary Needs and Special Requirements–

We will do our utmost best to accommodate your special dietary needs at all times as long as we have had adequate notice and consultation at a minimum of 4 weeks prior to our Great Barrier Reef cruise ship departure.

We also love a good party so please make sure you advise us if this cruise is for a very special occasion or memory.

–Safety Is Number One Priority–

As always the safety of our guests is our top priority. Once all guests are boarded you will be briefed about all emergency procedures and provided on tips for how to move about the vessel in rough conditions if needed.

If needed we will be in constant contact via the public address systems and you are required to listen and heed the advice of the Captain, Purser and Trip Director.

Take note of safety procedures and ensure your travelling companions are abiding by the same safety advices.


Have you ever been on a cruise ship before or even a boat? Did you feel queasy or did you relish the wind in your hair?

Prevention is key! We always advise those prone to seasickness to see their medical specialist prior to boarding the boat. Should you feel ill please advise the Purser.

Oh No Contagious Illness On Board, the moment you feel ill please do not hesitate to contact the Purser. We may require you to remain in your room and wear a protective mask in order to contain the spread of infection.

If you would like more information on Great Barrier Reef Cruise and other destinations or to make a cruise booking call us now on 1300 761 612.

PS: keep an eye out for our next blog on what to expect on our Cruise Ships Facilities

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