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Jun 29

The Cairns Tropical Night Zoo

Posted on June 29, 2009 by

The Cairns Tropical Zoo is an excellent spot to take the family during the day but an even better spot in the evening. An indoor country setting is where the evening starts off around a beautifully prepared buffet. The selection for dinner as well as dessert is excellent to say the least. To go along with the nice buffet is a complimentary beverage service that runs all through the evening.


After dinner it is off to do a tour of the Zoo. The twist is it will all be done by flashlight only. First you will be given one of the only chances you will ever have to cuddle a live Koala bear. Photographs are offered with the Koala for a nominal fee of fifteen dollars. This money goes towards keeping a natural environment for these cute bears and making sure they have eucalyptus leaves to eat. The next stop is to see several of Australia’s large snakes. These are relatively docile and will not harm anyone. You will even be given the opportunity to touch the smooth skin of the snake. Next a demonstration was given by a local barn owl around a covered stage. Here a lesson on the cane toad was given explaining how it has become one of Australia’s largest wildlife issues. This toad exudes a venom when attacked that could kill a human being and pretty well any animal it were to come in contact with. This toad was brought to solve the insect problem when growing sugar cane however the insects were at the top of the cane plant not down around the ground. The cane toad had perfect conditions to multiply especially the fact that it had no natural predators.


Crocodiles of four to five metres will be seen at the next spot so be sure to watch your step. Here your guide will take the time to feed these enormous creatures. You will see the crocodiles lunge out of the water catapulting themselves from the surface to three or four feet out of the water. There is a railing about ten feet up that one of the crocodiles has been able to jump up to in the past. This is generally only known to happen during the summer months.


Once through the crocodile exhibit it is on to the campfire for some Billy tea. Here there are many kangaroos just hanging around waiting for their nightly feeding. Everyone gets to feed the kangaroos and also will receive some bush dessert. Kangaroos are really docile and seem to crave attention like common household pets.


Just after the Kangaroo campfire you will be taken back to a covered patio area where some dancing and singing will take place to round off the evening. Complimentary beverage service continues through the end of the festivities. A fun and amusing selection of songs will be sung. This is sure to be enjoyed by people of all ages. After the music and dancing have finished you will be shown out via the gift shop, where many cute gifts and reminders of your fun filled evening can be purchased.


The employees of the Cairns Night Zoo are extremely accommodating and will make sure that everyone has an especially memorable time. This tour has no age restriction and is sure to be a family favourite. Book dinner and a tour at the Cairns Night Zoo for an excellent experience to take home.

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By: Blythe Rallo

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