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Jun 15

Full Day Green Island Experience with Big Cat

Posted on June 15, 2009 by

The check in at the reef fleet terminal was hassle free. The journey out to Green Island is about an hour. This time passes very quickly as the scenery is beautiful and there is more than enough going on onboard. The ride is so smooth that you’ll hardly feel a thing. You will be informed about the different types of coral and also the species of fish that may be seen over the course of the day. If you are scuba diving or helmet diving you will be given instructions and safety tips once on the island.

Upon arrival at Green Island there are many things to do so make sure you leave time to get to everything. A gorgeous buffet lunch is served starting at eleven thirty, be sure not to miss it as it finishes at 1.00 pm. Green Island is an absolutely brilliant showcase for aquatic life. There is a beautiful resort on the island accompanied by all the activities one could wish to do. There is scuba diving, helmet diving, semi submarine, glass bottom boat, snorkelling, shopping and a pool area to just laze about. One of the diving options should be utilized, as these are the two best ways to see the underwater world, which only the Great Barrier Reef could allow. The island is relatively small and can easily be walked around for those wanting a romantic stroll with their sweetheart. At low tide much of the area that’s close to shore are exposed which means if you are snorkelling you can go out for the better part of a kilometre.

The glass bottomed boat ride is about twenty minutes or so and gives one a terrific idea about the diversity of life around and in the reef. The fish feedings that go on onboard attract all kinds of different species. Make sure your camera is ready because there are many great photo opportunities. The captain is informative and will point out and name the types of coral and fish as you cruise over the ocean floor just above the reef.
The semi-submarine is a fun ride as well showing you many of the same fish seen from the glass bottom boat. The perspective is totally different as you are floating alongside the fish. If you have decided to skip scuba diving and helmet diving make sure that you take both boat tours as they are both great ways to see the reef and surrounding ocean life without getting your hair wet.

Snorkelling around Green Island is an excellent way to see the fish and other creatures of the reef. The shallow waters that surround the island make snorkelling a good idea even for the most novices of swimmers. As you get off the Big Cat and walk onto the jetty the best area to snorkel is immediately on your right. Here you may even have the chance of seeing a small shark. Nothing that could really harm anyone, so don’t be shy dive right in. Just off the lifeguard patrolled area is also a pretty good spot to see small fish and underwater life. In low tide this area ok but you will need to go out from the beach quite a long way to see bigger fish and more diversity of creatures.

Helmet diving from the pontoon platform out in the water was a fascinating experience to say the least. Underwater about fifteen feet or so there is an abundance of aquatic life for the enthusiasts. Here you get the chance to wander along the ocean floor while still breathing normally. Be sure not to lean over or you will cop a face full of water. Keep your back straight and you will have no worries. You may even get the opportunity to touch some live coral or sea creature and maybe a suckerfish will glide past to touch. You move about with relative freedom guided by your experienced dive instructor. This is your chance to bring a bit of the reef home with you. A photographer will be among the group snapping shots while the fish are swimming amongst you. Scuba diving is similar but different at the same time. Experienced swimmers are required for scuba diving and the instruction process is a bit more intense. You are less restricted for space while scuba diving as opposed to helmet diving staying in a small area. Much of the same things will be seen while doing both types of diving so if you are a poor swimmer and don’t want to get your hair wet do the helmet dive. For the most complete experience be sure to sign up for your first dive or even for certified dives. The fish are exciting to see in action especially when it is feeding time. Enjoy a Green Island diving experience and you won’t be disappointed.

There are many exciting activities to do while on Green Island. Be sure to do as much as possible as this will certainly make for the most well rounded experience. The boat ride back will be a very relaxing well-deserved break from the fun filled day you have just had with Big Cat Green Islands Cruises. For further information Big Cat

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