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Jun 15

Visiting Moore Reef with Sunlover Cruises

Posted on June 15, 2009 by

Sunlover Great Barrier Reef Cruise

The Sunlover Great Barrier Reef Cruise to the Moore Reef was a top-notch tour that goes highly recommended. It starts with a smooth check-in at the Reef Fleet Terminal, followed by a photo opportunity before boarding. It’s then about an hour and fifteen minutes to get out to the reef from the terminal. This is a beautiful cruise up the coastline and making a stop at Fitzroy Island. Upon departure people are free to walk around and visit the booths offering different activities for your exciting day on the pontoon. Guided snorkelling, scuba diving, helmet diving, the underwater theatre, and the touch tank offer more than enough action for the day. For the adventurous spirit helicopter flights over the reef and the pontoon area offer the best view of the Moore Reef.
Upon arrival at the pontoon the staffs gets the lunch buffet set-up while you have a chance to stretch your legs and wonder around. The lunch selection is delicious and also had some really nice fresh fruit. The diversity of aquatic life is remarkable, from the different types of coral to the multiple varieties of fish. This is certainly the most cost effective way to see and be part of the reef experience. In order to get more information about the aquatic life at the tips of your finger a guided snorkel safari would be a fabulous idea. The touch tank gives all passengers a chance to hold a little part of the Great Barrier Reef in the palm of their hands. This is an awesome experience for younger kids. There is also a kid’s pool on board which gives the young ones a chance to swim with the fish in a comfortable enclosed cage off the side of the pontoon.

Seawalker Platform Helmet Dive is a fascinating way to experience the reef on a very personal level. It feels kind of like time slows down a bit when you are walking the platform under the pontoon. The colours and beauty of the reef underwater make this a special moment to remember. Fish swim all around you as your experienced guide feeds them and makes you comfortable. You will even get a chance to touch a couple of the fish including the Hump Headed Maori Wrasse. The photo opportunities that are presented with this experience are tremendous. With a C.D. of all your pictures available on board do not miss out on the chance to bring a bit of the reef home with you.

If you have never scuba dived before, today is the day to learn with Sunlover Cruises. With one of the most beautiful Seven Wonders of the World under your feet get out there and explore. The certified well-informed dive staff will be delighted to show you all the wonders Moore Reef has to offer. Seeing a turtle or the Hump Headed Maori Wrasse up close and personal will put a smile on anyone’s face. The colourful majestic coral sways back and forth with ease and grace. Diving for the first time in this amazing setting will certainly be something one would never forget. While underwater many pictures will be taken with the aquatic life all around. Be sure to bring home a snapshot of your truly unique experience.

Flying over the Reef and seeing the stunning site of this natural wonder is the best way to put into perspective its true beauty and magnitude. Your pilot in the helicopter gives a great tutorial of the Moore Reef. Now is your chance for the truly postcard worthy photos of the Great Barrier Reef. It is the most spectacular yet relaxing flight one will have the opportunity of flying. Taking a flight over the Reef is something you may have only one chance of ever doing, so why not treat yourself to a flight of a lifetime? Be sure to share this experience with someone close as it will leave you feeling just that much more special about your day on the Moore Reef

In order for your day to be jam packed with excitement and memories to last a lifetime consult with your booking agent to ensure the package of activities suites you. It is recommended that everyone do at least one type of diving to see the underwater spectacle which is the Moore Reef. Don’t miss the chance of taking photos home with you of your spectacular day. Memorabilia’s for the day can be bought on board the ship as well as a cold beer or bubbly to finish off the busy afternoon.

The Staff at Sunlover will be sure to facilitate everyone’s special day to ensure one maximizes all their time. Great customer service with a friendly approach is what can be expected from Sunlover. The cruise back to the terminal is the perfect wind down to an action packed day at the Reef. It is a great feeling to come back to the terminal knowing you saw all there was to see of the Moore Reef. After all why else come all this way to regret not going on your first scuba or helmet dive. Sign up with Sunlover and you will be sure to have a Reef experience to tell your friends and family about for years to come. For more information please visit Sunlover
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