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Feb 06

Cairns Mountain Hiking Day Adventure

Posted on February 6, 2018 by

If boardwalks are bit too dull for your taste then Tropical Peaks offers a fully guided mountain hiking adventure from Cairns.

You might be asking yourself… “Why take a guided tour if I can go on a hike myself?”

The main reason is that to access one of the best hiking trails in Tropical North Queensland, with some of the most rewarding views you will need a proper 4WD vehicle not your usual Toyota Corolla or Hyundai Getz hire car.

Air conditioned 4WD Vehicle to get to the start of the Hike – Photo courtesy of Tropical Peaks/FNQ Nature Tours

While travelling you don’t often have a proper daypack for a full day hike either and by booking an organized tour you will save yourself a lot of preparation and planning time – no need to research for maps and trail starting point.

You will be guided all the way by a first-aid trained professional who knows how to avoid getting bitten by some of the world’s most venomous snakes and how to dodge leeches and walking into Golden Orb’s web (common large spider found in Australian bush).

What to expect along the way… the easy part – Photo courtesy of Tropical Peaks/FNQ Nature Tours

All you need to do is wear comfortable clothes and shoes bring your camera and 1.5l water bottle, your guide will take care of everything else.

To reach the start of the hike it will take a 45 minute drive inland towards Mareeba from Cairns.

Just before Mareeba you will take a left turn to Dinden National Park and from here the sealed road turns shortly into rugged dirt road.

Always under the watch of your guide – Photo courtesy of Tropical Peaks/FNQ Nature Tours

Road has some potholes and is windy, asyour vehicle is climbing up the range you will have stunning views to the Davies Creek on your left.

This area is very popular for camping, swimming, mountain biking and of course hiking.

This 10 kilometre Lamb’s Head (aka Kahlpahlim Rock) hike requires moderate fitness and will take around 5-6 hours to complete, depending on your fitness.

A certain level of fitness is required – Photo courtesy of Tropical Peaks/FNQ Nature Tours

The first few kilometres are kind to your calves and glutes, after each steep climb you always seem to meet some flatter sections… just enough to give your legs some recovery time.

As you are reaching higher the views are getting better and better but you are still occasionally disappearing into the bush.

Your guide will give you the binoculars to use and point out all the interesting birds and native animals along the way.

Lunch time – Photo courtesy of Tropical Peaks/FNQ Nature Tours

You are encouraged to ask questions about the flora as well as wildlife. Common sightings include cockatoos, monitor lizards, red bellied black snakes, golden orb’s and wallabies.

One of the first WOW moments comes when you arrive to the split rock. You will have to squeeze through two large rock walls and it looks really impressive indeed.

Just before getting to the highest point of the hike you will have to scramble along a short rooty section, occasionally having the need to use all four limbs to pull yourself up.

Made it to the top… feels so good – Photo courtesy of Tropical Peaks/FNQ Nature Tours

Don’t worry,  your efforts will be rewarded once at the top, you will first come to a larger open area with sweeping views to your left and right.

This area is cleared for the telecommunications tower. Although amazing, these views are nothing compared to what lies ahead.

One more time you will enter the bush and now you are taking a short stroll downhill.

All of a sudden you will pop out of the bush and unless the mountain is temporarily covered by clouds, you will have the most stunning views to nearby mountain ranges and Lake Morris.

Amazing views well worth it – Photo courtesy of Tropical Peaks/FNQ Nature Tours

If you are travelling just before the wet season in September you will also be amazed by the numerous king orchids growing on the mountain.

Once you have enjoyed the views it is time to take a scenic hike back to the vehicle but as you are now hiking downhill it is a lot easier.

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a well earned lunch in Davies Creek as well as a refreshing swim in crystal clear stream.

You too can take a Mountain Hiking Adventure – this day hike only takes a maximum of 7 guests, lunch and morning tea supplied as well as insect repellent… the perfect day out away from the crowds for all Nature Lovers.

Give us a call today and let us plan this amazing day for you 1300 761 612.

Author: Helen Clark – Tour Specialist

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