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Jan 25

A Bushwalk Adventure through the Rainforest

Posted on January 25, 2009 by

Sunday 25 January, 2009

One of the best things about living in Cairns is the plethora of free activities that are available!  Mostly, visitors to our tropical city aren’t aware of the abundance of inexpensive ways to enjoy Tropical North Queensland, and really need a local’s insight (or the local Tour Specialists insight) to find the free or cheaper activities. 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to experience the lush rainforests of Tropical North Queensland, why not go for a hike?  Last weekend, a friend of mine and I tackled the Crystal Cascades to Lake Morris (Copperlode Dam) walking track.  This track is only for the seriously fit as it is a very steep 60 minute walk one way. 

We started from Crystal Cascades; a gorgeous freshwater rainforest swimming hole.  The Lake Morris track was easy to find, and we began our ascent into some of the lushest and pristine vine rainforest.  The going is tough at the beginning, featuring steep inclines and narrow paths.  The surrounding wilderness was alive with the unmistakable sounds of cicadas and forest birds. 

The rainforest is dense and thick, creating the impression that you’re in the heart of the Daintree when really your only 25 km from the city of Cairns.  About halfway up the track the forest clears, offering sensational views into a lush rainforest valley.  It was here we took a breather, and appreciated the height of the mountain we were climbing. 

As the summit of the walking track approached, the rainforest merged into Eucalypt forest, a breathtaking transformation that seemed to happen in the blink of an eye.  Without the dense rainforest canopy as protection, my friend and I were both getting seriously heated and were really looking forward to reaching Lake Morris and having a break at Lake Morris Kiosk. 

Finally at the top (it took us a little longer than 60 minutes because we kept stopping to look at butterflies, birds and unique rainforest plants), we walked the small distance along the bitumen road to the kiosk.  Lake Morris (Copperload Dam) is Cairns water supply.  From the kiosk, the views are absolutely gorgeous.  The lake is framed by lush and seemingly endless rainforest.  On the day we went the sky was as blue and clear as the water, a picture-perfect scene that we enjoyed while relaxing in the shade with a cool drink. 

We spent about an hour relaxing in the shade and enjoying the peace and tranquility of Lake Morris before we set off for the return journey.  Going down is always easier that up, and we were back at Crystal Cascades in about 45 minutes.  Crystal Cascades is a sensational swimming hole, well known for its all-year-round icy waters.  Perfect for a refreshing dip after a bushwalk! 

For those that don’t think they can tackle the 2 hour return journey, try one of the shorter (and much easier) Crystal Cascades walks.  The only way out to Crystal Cascades is to self drive, and The Tour Specialists can arrange car hire at reasonable rates.   

My friend and I enjoyed our walk so much we decided the next hill we will tackle will be ‘Walsh’s Pyramid’; a 3 hour return walk up a 922 metre mountain!  Stay tuned! 

Amy Jennings
Editorial Writer
The Tour Specialists

For information about tours to the rainforest please visit The Tour Specialists

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