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Mar 16

An Indian Boy’s Visit To A Village In The City Of Cairns Queensland Australia

Posted on March 16, 2016 by

Biggest question came across my mind was what do I do this weekend which is last week of completing 1 month I arrived in Cairns from Mumbai India all by myself?

This time it was late to even think of anything as was already Friday afternoon and I had to ask my boss for approval to go on a famil.

Answer turned out to be easy & exciting, Kuranda Village & there was smile on my face that I am not wasting my time during weekend.

So here is my story about my journey to visit Kuranda and Rainforestation

There are numerous ways you can visit Kuranda village. If you are well planned you can reach this destination by Skyrail or on the historical majestic Kuranda Scenic Rail . Since I tried both earlier, I decided to drive which is another passion for me. In nutshell when you have a spare time & not planned your day you can still make it happen & adventurers at Kuranda village by driving up the mountain road.

Kuranda Scenic Railway

Where Is Kuranda Village

Location: easy to reach, location is up northwest of the Macalister Ranges and you can reach the village in around 30-35 min. As I was driving alone I didn’t feel the time go by as nature was talking to me and the scenic road was taking me along. It is most scenic drive I have experienced till now in Cairns. Surrounded with thick Rainforest, twist & turns, waterfalls & streams, farms & coffees plantations that’s what you see till you reach destination, if you are luck you might see a Cassowary too so be careful and slow down.


What On Earth Is Rainforestation

Finally headed my destination “Kuranda Rainforestation”  what a perfect name, it was a station to experience all under one roof don’t worry about your car, you have ample parking space. Was at location at 10 am as was guided by crew from Rainforestation. Didn’t have to think where to go as here is only one entrance & was straight on the ticket counter. I introduce myself & guess what everything was arranged for me hosted by our partner from Rainforestation. A warm & personalised welcome by a crew giving me all information about activities, events & times.

Make sure you reach here at 10 -10.15 am as the day starts with a cultural dance show called Pamagiri dance show which is for 1 hour held in an amphitheatre located at extreme end of the park. Pamagiri dance is a local tribal dance performed by local “Aboriginal community”, in typical tropical traditional dress, and props performing art on the stage. Performance tries to tell you story without singing songs but pure thru music, dance & expression. Musical equipment’s are traditional too made of wood trunks like the didgeridoo and tap sticks.

Rainforestation Tropical North Queensland - Pamagiri Dance

What a great start of the day, we were all charged up & expectations from the Rainforeststation were too high after dance, Pamagiri is also called as snakes.

Followed by the traditional Aboriginal dance of 1 hour I was up for a guided tour in the wildlife park, here is the place you can actually touch & be with Kangaroo & wallabies, the guide took us around to see & understand different species of Tropical Queensland & their behaviour.

Apart from the Kangaroo, I also had a chance to know more about the giant pre-historic Cassowary, cute Koala, different species of crocodiles & reptiles found in Rainforest, Tropical Queensland.

Rainforestation Nature Park Kangaroo


Chucking Boomerangs To Get Dinner

I also learnt how to throw boomerang with Aboriginal locals and the art of hunting in open field. It was almost 1 pm & didn’t realize that it’s time for lunch, I was guided to the Colonial restaurant, big space with different options of seating arrangement to suite your mood.

Rainforestation Experience

Options varies from a big seating area to a private open air restaurant surrounded with flora & fauna. Buffet serves a spread of 2 hot soups, salad bar, & variety of Asia & continental cuisine along with wide spread of fruits grown locally. I was attended by the supervisor who explained that specific food requirements are also taken care like child food & vegetarian options, I must admit food was good with ample selection of vegetarian.

World War 2 Amphibious Army Duck

Once you are done with food it is time for a ride – World War 11 Amphibious Army duck forest ride. Name seems familiar?? Yes you can relate it to Duckback ride in Singapore where you seat in a truck & same floats on water like a boat, however here the experience is in real rainforest/ nature unlike Singapore. Forest ranger/ cowboy was multi-tasking as driver, a guide, and an entertainer & care taker. Total ride is 45 min in a very unique & historical vehicle which looks like a tanker & can even convert in to a boat.

Army Duck At The Rainforestation

Ranger introduces you to some extraordinary species of plants, variety of ferns, predator plants & there history which is again another chapter to know & increase your knowledge on botanical as well as zoological ground.


It was 3 pm & I was full of knowledge & information on different species of tropical land & guess what next??

Off To The Butterfly Sanctuary In Kuranda Village

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary located 5 min from Rainforestation is at the entrance of Kuranda village. While the name itself sounds like a dream, I went in to a different world when I entered the sanctuary, felt like a wonderland, love was in the air, songs were heard around & was in some sort of Bollywood movie songs ha-ha can’t forget that moment…awesome is the word.

Ulysses Blue

Robin was my host who took me around the lab to show how they breed the larvae & entire journey to grow up to a beautiful butterfly, the detailed insight of  colours, varieties, species & sizes of butterfly, very impressive. All butterflies are handled with utmost care with delicate hands & love. Well as I said love was in air…

Robin | My Host At The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Make sure you wear white, red or pink as these are the colours butterflies are attracted to.

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Since in the heart of Kuranda village you might want to walk around village where you have locally handmade artefacts, arts, colours and you can visit the markets which are on every day.

To conclude Kuranda village is a perfect destination to experience tradition, art, and culture & over & above develop your knowledge on tropical aspects. Simply wonderful.

If only all my Indian friends could see what I have seen today you would love it

Author: Kiran Sonawane – The Tour Specialists


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