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Nov 20

Another lot of Silly Questions

Posted on November 20, 2008 by

I had an lady ask if is safe to travel to Cairns in February because she has been told she will get Dengue Fever from all the mosquito’s and there are crocodiles everywhere so is it not safe

I had a guy the other day ask if is safe to swim on the Great Barrier Reef with all the Sharks

I have had lots of people request to book a glass bottom boat trip to the outer Barrier Reef

I have heard someone ask if they can get the Skyrail to the Great Barrier Reef

Whilst promoting whale season and swimming with whales I have had people ask if we can guarantee they will see whales and give them a refund if they don’t. My reply was that whales are wild mammals and not battery operated, cannot perform on demand as they are busy migrating

A really good one was when I’m snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef will I see fish?

One client said she was told not to come to Cairns in the Green Season as you cannot get to the rainforest because its wet and you cannot see the Great Barrier Reef because of the rain

Constantly get asked if when it’s raining the boats still go to the Great Barrier Reef in the rain. My reply is yes as you are around 75 nautical miles out to sea (a) its probably not raining (b) your going to get wet anyway whilst swimming and snorkelling (so what is the difference) 
Same question is asked when it is windy

Another good one I have been told the Great Barrier Reef is dead

Another really good one I was disappointed in the Great Barrier Reef as the coral did not have the brilliant colours such as the coral you can buy in the tourist shops (Arrhhh!)
In the Palm Cove office I had a lady ask if it was safe to go in the water because of the Jolly Babies, I clarified her and asked was that the marine stingers your were concerned about then, she had a little chuckle as she had called them Jolly babies.
What bus takes you to the glass bottom boat?

Do I need boots, long pants and long sleeves to have a stroll in Kuranda? Is it very wild up there?

The butterfly sanctuary is it scary and full of moths?

I have been told that in Cairns there are a couple of beaches that are protected from the jellyfish by the coral.  Where are they?

I would love to catch the Skyrail to Kuranda.  Does it depart from the hotel?

My room key doesn’t work!  This happens every day!

I had been promoting Coral Spawning all day>>>>>
Guest – Is there a pen or a fence around the area where the coral spawning is happening!!!!!  (yeah right like it’s a wild animal mating!!!!!))))
My response was this actually takes place in the ocean.
The customer’s response is it dangerous (I so desperately wanted to say only when you try and pull them apart while they are mating!)

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