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Oct 14

Who wants to see Nemo and Turtles?

Posted on October 14, 2014 by


If you’re looking for a tour where you can get your scuba diving or snorkelling fix check out Poseidon; 3 reef sites in a day with around 5 hours of in-water fun on the Agincourt Reef System you’ll be happily water logged come home time.

Both my partner Chris and I enjoy a scuba dive or two so we drove from Cairns to Port Douglas on one of my favourite stretches of road along the ocean-side and easily parked at the Reef Marina, for free may I add, then checked in at the Quicksilver Office.

Agincourt Ribbon Reefs

Poseidon has a roving permit on the outer reef at the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs.

This is the furthest out and closest to the Continental Shelf on the entire Great Barrier Reef that day boats can explore.

On-board a selection of muffins, pastries and savory focaccia alongside tea and coffee was offered, settling into the comfortable saloon seats we devoured our breaky and filled out our dive and snorkel forms whilst the crew welcomed the other passengers around us.  Our ride out was chilled and very relaxed as the crew covered the all-important safety, snorkel and dive briefings, before we knew it we’d arrived in the crystal clear waters of the reef, had tanks on our backs and were jumping off the side of the boat into the ocean.

The huge array of species of coral was the first standout feature to the sites at Agincourt Reef with massive mountainous boulder corals extending from the sandy floor up to the ocean’s surface. These corals were housing clams, hydroids, sponges, the list goes on, so much life. A couple of eye poppers during our dives was a humungous moray eel that had wrapped his thick body through a maze of corals and some cuttlefish eggs that the crew had watched being laid only two days earlier. A juvenile rock mover wrasse wriggled his way underneath us as we emerged from a swim through and after two spectacular dives at two locations we were famished which was fine as lunch was ready and plentiful in the saloon. We opted to snorkel at the last site which was scattered with large round lunar corals, the tide was extremely low, this provided lots of shallower lagoon areas to navigate and a closer view of the vibrant marine life.

Giant clam Great Barrier Reef

Poseidon is a very social boat with many opting to sit on the sun deck on the way home with a cold beer in hand. The crew gave us commentary and a short tour around Low Isles where some manta rays had been spotted earlier. The Marine Naturalist had provided on-going information about the Great Barrier Reef and its residents throughout the day and took guided snorkel tours at each area. It’s these personal touch’s that makes the crew on Poseidon and the day so memorable.

Minke whales Great Barrier Reef

During May – August we are very fortunate to have Dwarf Minke whales in our warm winter waters. Poseidon holds a very rare permit to swim with the friendly inquisitive Dwarf Minke Whales

For more information on the tour have a peek here

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Author – Kelly – A Cairns Holiday Specialists Tour Specialist


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