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Oct 28

A Night filled with Magic!

Posted on October 28, 2008 by

 Ladies and gentlemen, something new and exciting is happening in Cairns! The Velvet Underground at the Casino has opened its doors to a new and truly entertaining magic show called Xtreme Illusions. It is one hour filled with fun, great tricks and modern choreographies. Yesterday it was my fiancées birthday, so I decided to celebrate by doing something a little different (as it was also a rainy Monday night and staying at home was not exactly fun) so I took him there for a bit of a look.
After reaching our seats, the waitresses asked us if we wanted something to drink and here we go, what we requested appeared in our hands! Just joking… but the service was really fast. Just a few minutes after the scheduled time, it was show time. After a nice opening routine performed by very nice dancers (at that point, my fiancée did thank me for taking him there…), our illusionist Sam Powers made his appearance. He was really catchy from the very first instant, charming and funny, a real entertainer. Sam performed some “old fashioned” tricks to start with, such as long threads and white doves appearing from his hands, but I must say, they have not lost their appeal. We were literally speechless and it was just the beginning! He did involve the audience for a few illusions, even inviting some people from the audience onto the stage. One trick that I was truly amazed by was a simple yet incredible one: he turned normal pieces of white paper into money just in front of our eyes! Like that! He did a lot in one hour, but I don’t want to spoil anything… it’s a must-see! And in between the different numbers, more dancing routines were performed. Also, I must say, the ladies will truly love Sam Powers!!
The show ended with the reproduction of a Houdini number: Sam, tied up with real handcuffs, had to escape from a locked big and solid box and… hey, I am not revealing the final! Whether you are a local or you are just visiting Cairns, this show is perfect for one easy hour of pure entertainment. And children are welcome too. Enjoy!! 

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