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Mar 23

The oldest Rainforest in the world – Daintree

Posted on March 23, 2014 by

Dense tropical rainforest, snakes, rainforest dragons, crocodiles, cassowaries and yes of course, billy tea all in one day – now that’s a far north Queensland adventure!!

Billy Tea Bush Safaris

A day with Billy Tea Safaris…

The Cape Tribulation and Daintree Rainforest Billy Tea Safari starts with a comfortable 4WD drive coach transfer heading north of Cairns to the oldest rainforest in the world – the Daintree rainforest. This tour is very popular for its small groups and personalised service, where the guides do their best to remember everyone’s names. A highlight about this tour is that the 4WD’s are slightly elevated, providing you with a fantastic view of the natural surrounds throughout the whole trip. I sat right up the back of the coach where I could see down huge rainforest gullies, whilst looking out at ancient eco-systems and different wildlife species – including the highly-endangered young male cassowary that we spotted. Along the way our guide ‘Matt’ began by telling us some interesting facts about Cairns and the northern beaches region. The educational experience that I gained on this tour was priceless. As a local of 20 years, I think I learnt more in the one day with Billy Tea then I have learnt in the past 10 years as a resident of the area. The commentary was simply brilliant, not only was it highly informative, it was also pretty ‘god damn’ funny as well!

We stopped in to Mossman and bought ourselves a second breakfast at Raintrees Cafe, whilst observing the massive Raintrees and learning about their history and why they were planted – fascinating!

Crocodiles in their Natural Habitat

We then travelled up to the Daintree River Cruise Centre, where we stopped for a complimentary morning tea, while looking at photos of giant pythons and viewing taxidermy moths and beetles. Our small group were guided down to the Daintree River – a crocodile’s haven. We boarded a small boat and travelled up the banks of this saltwater crocodile infested river. While on cruise we spotted a green tree snake hanging in a tree branch and a young crocodile relaxing on a log. We entered a small waterway where the mangroves and dense rainforest leaned over creating a corridor of greenery, without a doubt we were in a saltwater crocodiles living quarters with slides marks and huge mangrove root systems.

Crocodile cruises Daintree River

Matt the guide picked us up on the other side of the Daintree River, where we boarded the 4WD and travelled along the scenic Daintree Road. We then stopped at Alexandra’s Lookout, where the panoramic views provide a sight one cannot forget. This is a truly unique viewing platform as this is the first place in the world where two world heritage sites met – the Great Barrier Reef meets the
rainforest – 2 natural wonders of the world. Along with this, the Daintree River enters the ocean, providing a spectacular contrast of colours, rich green and aqua blues. We then headed north to Jindalba Boardwalk. It is here, you may just visit your first environmentally friendly drop-dunny nestled in the rainforest. Mathew provided us with an enlightening experience of the ancient rainforests interesting eco-systems and an idea of the many animal species that live in this amazing place. On this particular day the gods decided to open up the heavens and we were blessed with heavy rainfall, making the rainforest come alive, so to speak, and creating a very green outlook. Some say this is the best time to explore the rainforest in the wet season, as all species are flourishing.  We came face to face with several Boyd’s Forest Dragons, which is an arboreal agamid lizard found in the wet tropics rainforest.

Daintree Rainforest

 Lunch with the Animals

Lunch was the next stop at the Lync Haven Animal Refuge, where you can hand feed kangaroos and wallabies and observe the beautiful eclectus parrots, rainbow lorikeets, galah’s and the white tailed crested cockatoo. We indulged in a delicious barbeque lunch and a wide selection of fresh salads. For those who are vegetarians veggie patties and fish are on offer, or you can purchase something extra at the café.

Billy TeaBilly Tea Wallaby

We then took the off road Bloomfield track, which is the gateway to Cooktown, up to Emmagen Creek – beautiful! This where we jumped in to the fresh water creek and enjoyed an invigorating swim under the canopy of the forest. In the meantime the two guides prepared a traditional billy tea and a vast spread of Far North Queensland’s tropical fruits, consisting of; Dragon fruit, Abiu, Rambutan, Mangosteen, Custard Fruit, Star Apples, Longan and many more.

Emmagen Creek

The Journey Home

Heading back, we stopped in at the renowned Cape Tribulation beach (famous on many postcards). We enjoyed walking along the sand and gazing out to Snapper Island.

Cape Tribulation

We then treated ourselves to a unique tropical ice-cream at the Daintree’s Ice-Cream factory. Here we bought ourselves four different flavours; macadamia, peach, mango and wattle-seed (all flavours are dependent on the season) for only $6.50.

After taking the Daintree ferry crossing we enjoyed a comfortable journey back home along the coastal road. We then said our good-byes to all our new friends and gave a big thank you to Matt our guide who provided us with a day to remember!

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Written and experienced by:

Madeleine – A Cairns Holiday Specialists Tour Specialist

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