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Nov 21

‘No Cyclone Guarantee Over The Christmas Holidays’ – 21st November 2013

Posted on November 21, 2013 by

Angsana Resort and Spa

Palm Cove resort gives guests a ‘No Cyclone Guarantee Over the Christmas Holidays’.

Travellers have the perception that Cairns and Tropical North Queensland is a no go zone over the Christmas holidays due to the fear of a tropical cyclone occurring whilst they are there on holidays with their families so a beachfront resort in Palm Cove has put the word out and they are offering a “No Cyclone Guarantee” for all of the guests that book a holiday from December to March 2014 (block out dates apply).

The luxury resort on the beach in Palm Cove Australia is known as the Angsana Resort and Spa and is recognised as one of the most popular resorts in the quaint beachside village.

Angsana Resort and Spa is a small 65 rooms resort set on over 6 acres of prime beachfront land and offers just recently refurbished apartments that are more than generous in size and range from one bedroom suites to two, three and four bedroom suites. These apartments have full kitchen facilities, laundry, several bathrooms and huge lounge entertaining areas and balconies that either overlooks the swimming pools or the absolute beachfront.

The resort has three swimming pools and two of them you see as you cross over the bridge to enter the resort with the one on the left a heated swimming pool with a hot tub and the one on the right more a lap pool. You then have the beachfront swimming pool also. There are a number of holiday apartments also that have their very own private swimming pool.

Angsana Pool

The chance of a tropical cyclone having landfall is so slim that the property is confident that they will not be giving any of their guests another holiday to compensate them having to be evacuated from the Angsana Resort and spa over the Christmas holidays. The General Manager describes the storms down in the southern parts of Australia as more frightening and much more frequent events than any storms or cyclones we have in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland.

The other belief that some travellers have is that the ocean and the Great Barrier Reef is a no go zone during the summer months and Christmas School holidays due to Marine Stingers, Jellyfish, Irukandji and Box Jellyfish. This is another bit of fiction and certainly not factual. As locals we find the Christmas holiday period is the best time of year and sometimes the only time of year that we all get out to the Great Barrier Reef for some scuba diving and snorkelling. The water is beautifully warm with perfect visibility, an abundance of marine life due to the coral spawning and no wind at all leaving us with a nice calm sea and glorious days of sunshine.

Read more about Marine Stingers and Jellyfish in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland here.

Fishing at this time of year is probably the best time of year as the fish are going crazy eating all of the coral spawn so dropping a line over the side is almost always a winner.

The Rainforests come alive with animal activity as this is when the trees are in bloom and the fruits drop to the Rainforest floor and the animals are out and about scavenging for food and for mates with their young very close to their heels.

So come on and book your Palm Cove holiday with the “No Cyclone Guarantee” don’t be scared of a little puff of wind. We locals always prepare properly and ensure our visitors are kept fully informed and are able to enjoy the experience if a cyclone does actually come our way.

To book Angsana Resort and Spa – No Cyclone Guarantee call us today on (07) 4059 5959

Author: Christina – Cairns Holiday Specialists 


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