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Aug 27

The New Ma Mu Aerial Boardwalk

Posted on August 27, 2008 by

Our first stop is a lovely picnic area just 5 minutes away from the Ma Mu site where the friendly Tropical Horizon team serves us a nice Morning tea of coffee, tea and fresh muffins (the banana muffin is truly delicious!). I was already expecting a cooler temperature because we are on the edge of the tablelands, but it is a bit colder than what I thought as it was it overcast. A thicket jacket would have been nicer to wear! But the perspective of the day makes me forget the chill.

Shortly after we recharged, we are ready for the famous Ma Mu walk! At our arrival, the friendly team in charge welcomes us and starts explaining about the walkway. As they are still trying to complete the construction process (just a few details really as the walkway will be open shortly), we are given a fluorescent yellow vest for security purposes and we are ready to go! To knowing that we are almost the first people to walk along the walkway makes the experience even more special.

The walk starts on a normal path through the forest and while we are leaving the car park behind us, we start hearing the sounds of nature rather than the noise of cars. After about 10 min walk we reach the first point of interest, a long balcony suspended about 15 metres from the ground. The view from here is amazing, what I can see is beautiful, luscious rainforest and a glimpse of the Johnston River. The balcony sways a little if we move quickly, but we are told that it is normal, it’s part of the structure and there is nothing to worry about (oh well, I trust them!). The next step is the proper walkway suspended (up to 10 metres) through the rainforest canopies. It all feels really peaceful; all you can see is forest all around you. We are told that there are some cassowary chicks hanging around the site and have been spotted recently, but no luck today… what a shame! After a short stroll we reach yet another balcony with an additional elevated tower on the top. We all start going up the stairs in order to reach the top of the tower and… the view is breathtaking! We are about 37 metres from the ground, we see the northern part of the Johnston River and the whole valley is at our feet. It’s truly amazing and it’s hard to explain with words.
If somebody is afraid of heights, they can still enjoy a great day walking through the paths in the rainforest. It will still be an exciting and enchanting experience amongst the scents and colours of the thick canopies!

What is amazing about these structures is that they are all made of recycled plastic (milk bottles) and steel. They are also resistant to a category 4 cyclone (that is why I am not worried about those light movements on the balcony!) and surprisingly, they really blend with all the surroundings.
After a few pictures of this spectacular panorama, we start heading back to the car park, where the local guides explain to us a few more details about Ma Mu and shortly after we are ready to go back to Cairns.

On the way back, our driver has been really nice and stopped at one of the banana plantations so we could buy some fruit to take home.
I really enjoyed my day at the Ma Mu walkway, the Tropical Horizons team has been fantastic and I have seen something truly spectacular that I would definitely recommend!Tropical Horizons Information & Bookings

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