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May 30

Why I jumped out of a perfectly good Plane!!!

Posted on May 30, 2008 by

Well it started with an email and some how I got roped in hook line and sinker.
But I am very happy that I did.  The day started with the sun shinning and the brightest blue sky I have ever seen.  Tammy and I met Florence at Skydive Cairns (I had to get Tammy to drive, as I was unable to change gears due to legs shaking uncontrollably),
We had to fill out paper work and sign our life away, I couldn’t read as my brain was in over drive the only word I could see was – this is DANGEROUS, but signed anyway knowing these guys were professionals and I trusted them with my life.
After a nervous toilet stop, we were given these funky MC hammer pants to put on, after a little sideways dance and a little of, you cant touch this, our instructors introduced themselves and geared us up with our harnesses.
A quick demonstration on what we have to do getting out of the plane, in flight and when we land and then into the bus we go off to the airport.
There awaits us the Green Machine (our aircraft) again we go through the motions again head back, hips forward, legs back and they show us where we will sit before we jump,  we all climb in, all snug like a bug in a rug.
The plane ride is an experience in itself, this turbine power Cresco had so much power we were up in the air in no time so no backing out now, the nerves were really setting in and I  was feeling very parched.
The view was amazing over looking the Trinity Inlet and the surrounding mountains, poor Tammy had to sit right next to the door therefore constantly reminded of how high we were, I glanced over at her a couple of times and she was the same colour as the plane.
The guys let us know at 9000 feet this is where our shoot will release so only 5000 feet to go, then goggles on, doors open and from here it all went so quick.
Tammy was the first to go, then Florence and then lucky last me.  I can’t really tell you what was going through my mind at the time as I was sitting on the step I imagine it was pure fear (specially when I saw the DVD and the look on my face) but that only lasts for a second once you launch your self out and are freefalling it’s the most amazing feeling I have ever felt, it almost felt surreal.  The panoramic views were awesome; mountains, ocean, and inlets meandering everywhere it does not get any better then this.  The free fall last for a minute so you are falling approximately 100 feet a second, but at the time it feels like you are flying.  Once the parachute goes up it’s a nice peaceful trip down, the instructor loosens you up and as you descend you go through the landing technique, once the formalities are over you can sit back and enjoy the ride.
As you get closer to the ground the instructor tells you when to put your feet up, which is quite hard especially if you’re not very flexible, this is to avoid a bumpy landing.  We landed safe and sound on terra firma, letting the adrenalin rush take hold.
What an amazing experience, defiantly what to do it again!!!!!!

Louise – The Tour Specialists

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