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May 23

14,000 FT Rush with Skydive Cairns

Posted on May 23, 2008 by

I don’t know if you do but I have a top ten list of things to do before I die!  Skydiving is in my top 5 not that I am thinking of carking it anytime soon!!  So as this thought had been playing on my mind for some time, I decided to take some action!
I asked a couple of my colleagues if they were game and sure enough Florence the daredevil was really keen and with a bit of persuasion Louise also said she would join in.
So last Monday it was off to the Skydive Cairns office at 9.00 am for our briefing. 
 It was then time to fill in some paperwork and be introduced to your tandem master.  The person I was handing my life over to was Max he was great.  He showed me all the moves I needed to make, made sure I had the harness in place then it was off to the General Aviation for our flight. 

In the bus on the way I could really feel my nerves starting to play havoc and my mouth all drying out!!  Lucky at the airport there is a water fountain!

Before I knew it we were onboard the Turbine powered Cresco which looked awesome as it was painted green along with a big mouth that had a tongue hanging out painted on the  front!  Very fitting as I wondered if this is how I would look up in the air, green with my tongue hanging out!  Well I nominated myself to go first so I entered the aircraft last, and had a great view as I was sitting right in front of the door (which is clear) so I could see a fantastic view of the sea then the land.  When we had reached 14 000 ft the door opened this is when I was starting to freak out as I new it now that I had to make the plunge down! 

My cameraman went out first then I placed myself with Max strapped to my back onto the ledge.  All so quickly and in position I was off and away!!!!!  The feeling is pretty indescribable one minute of freefalling down.  My face contortioned, but oh so invigorating.  When the parachute opens it is a big sigh of relief and time to relax and enjoy the view as it takes around five minutes to land.  I managed to land on my feet.
As soon as I landed I would of loved to do it all again as it was such a fantastic experience and not really as scary as I thought!

Being first I got to see my other friends land and run over and greet them, it was then back to the Skydive Cairns office where we go to watch our DVDS and have a laugh.  This was such a fantastic experience and having being able to enjoy it with two great friends made it even more memorable!

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