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Jun 06

The world will be listening and commenting on Reef Live underwater!

Posted on June 6, 2013 by

Don’t miss it, tune into The Great Barrier Reef Show

From 10.00am (AEST) Friday 7th June 2013 12 hour underwater broadcast

Let’s face it everyone in the world dreams of a holiday on the beach so let’s get involved and learn how we can protect it for future generations and learn some fascinating facts along the way.

In honour of the event, a team of 40 scientists, JCU students, and underwater videographers will host a live broadcast direct from The Outer Great Barrier Reef on the 7th of June for the viewing pleasure of the public.

The entire project has taken 6 months of planning and cost around $400 000.

The dive team for this special day will include the Associate Professor and jelly fish expert Jamie Seymour from James Cook University and David Wachenfeld, the Great Barrier Marine Park Authority’s Chief Scientist. Throughout the duration of the dive, special headpieces with water proof microphones will allow the scuba divers to communicate back and forth to each other, the crew on board the live aboard vessel and the classroom that will be jam packed at James Cook University. Viewers will hear the conversations that take place and be able to ask questions, it’s a very interactive scenario.

It's a beautiful world down below

It’s a beautiful world down below

The broadcast will comprise 12 sections covering different aspects of reef including the corals, sharks, turtles, and coral spawning just to name a few. It will be the first time anyone has ever streamed live from the underwater world and will showcase the spectacular beauty that makes the Great Barrier Reef one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

The event is set to be filmed at Pixie Pinnacle, located on the northern Ribbon Reefs from Port Douglas and is one of the most spectacular dive sites on the Great Barrier Reef. Pixie Pinnacle is a tower like bommie that comes up from around 25m to the surface and is home to an abundance of life including anemone fish, mantis shrimp, flame fire shells and a plethora of coral and reef fish, the perfect place to stage such an extraordinary world wide first event.

Reef Fish

One of many Reef Fishes

To tune in to the Reef Live event go to Twitter #ReefLive

Due to its remoteness, Pixie Pinnacle is not accessible any other way than a well-equipped live aboard vessel. The crew aboard the Aroona are by far the most experienced when it comes to research expeditions. Captain Ross Millar knows the Ribbon Reefs like the back of his hand and will add this trip to his long list of research expeditions. Some of his previous adventures he has Skippered include Tiger Shark and Turtle tagging at Raine Island and underwater videography for National Geographic.

Live aboard vessel

Aroona – live aboard vessel

For more information on luxury adventures aboard the immaculate 70ft vessel the Aroona, please contact The Tour Specialists, click here or call1300 761 612.

On the 8th of June this year all the ocean lovers of the world will come together to celebrate “World Oceans Day”. On this day supporters will make a promise to help protect the oceans of the world.

Does this make you want to go for a snorkel or a scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef? If so take a peek here

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Author: Leah – A Cairns Holiday Specialists Tour Specialists

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