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May 23

World’s Largest Captive Saltwater Crocodile Turns 110 Years – 21st May 2013!

Posted on May 23, 2013 by

Cassius, the monster saltwater crocodile, celebrates his estimated age of 110th today at his home at Marineland Melanesia on beautiful Green Island on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef just 45 minutes boat ride from Cairns.

Cassius Special Birthday Cake

Cassius Special Birthday Cake

Currently bearing the crown as the world’s largest saltwater crocodile in captivity, Cassius’ keepers spoilt him with a delicious 10kg chicken neck cake which he polished off in a matter of seconds much to the distaste of the other crocodiles in the surrounding enclosures.

There have been questions raised over how long the massive beast is expected to live, Billy Craig, one of the crocodile’s keepers, said the fact that he does not seem to have lost too many teeth yet is a sign he still has quite a few years left in the old bones.

No Missing Teeth

No Missing Teeth

As crocodiles enter the later phases of their lifespan they will stop growing replacement teeth and usually become ill and chances of survival deteriorate due to the fighting and territorial nature of these beasts. Saltwater crocodiles have no compunction on eating each other at all if the opportunity arises so the oldies are prime targets in the wild rivers of Cairns and Tropical North Queensland which makes this old dude unique.


Also as these crocodiles age they become more dangerous and they become opportunists on the banks of the rivers waiting for small animals to come on over for a little refreshment and then WHAM! they strike and the poor critter does not have a chance!

Cassius was originally captured in the Northern Territory in 1984 after the 5.5m long Salty  after the locals were fed up with him harassing them whilst boating and fishing on the banks of the Finnis river. He was the king and reigned supreme in this river and was notorious for biting off outboard motors from any boats that got in his way. He still bears the scars to this day from his long life of battle with spinning propellers and other intruding crocodiles. Once they caught him they had no idea what to do with him so he was brought to Green Island by George Craig, a famous crocodile wrangler and the owner of Marineland Melanesia.

Not quite 7 metres yet..

Not quite 7 metres yet..

According to the Craig family, The Australian Saltwater Crocodile or Crocodylus Porosus like Cassius that live over a hundred years can grow up to 7m and weigh over a tonne! Luckily they do not eat much as during the colder months they are very docile and prefer not to hunt and feed, but look out when it is mating season from November to March. They are extremely ferocious during these months looking for potential mates, protecting nests and searching for food.

We advise all tourists to stay right away from rivers and billabongs or they may just get a surprise they were not really wanting.

If you wish to visit Cassius and sing him Happy Birthday, a day trip to Green Island can be booked here:

You can even incorporate Green Island into your Outer Great Barrier Reef Tour! Have a look at the link below for bookings and information:


Marineland Melanesia Green Island Cairns

Marineland Melanesia Crocodile Habitat is one of Tropical Far North Queensland’s oldest and most respected attractions having made a home on Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef for over 40 years.

First established in the early 60’s originally named “Marineland” until the Craig family gained ownership and added the “Melanesia” to its name. With a history of hunting Crocodiles in Papua New Guinea, George Craig also collected rare and unusual Indigenous and Tribal artefacts from all over the Melanesia region. His beautiful collections are showcased within the attraction. He also collected other historical nautical apparatuses.

Marineland Melanesia

Take a wonder through the “Corridor of Gore” an extensive compilation of historic newspaper articles from all over the world and their gory pictures of the less fortunate who crossed paths with many salt water crocodiles, I guess as the saying goes… never smile at a crocodile!

Marineland Melanesia is also home to a few giant native turtles and reef fish such as lionfish and Barramundi which share a huge aquarium.

The park houses in excess of 20 Saltwater Crocodiles and also the world’s biggest captive saltwater crocodile, Cassius. The crocs are fed at various times throughout the day. To see these dinosaurs in action is sights that will make your bones tremble! The incredible “SNAP!” as their jaws slam together. Crocodiles have a biting force up 5000lb/2250kg! It’s no wonder why they eat the unwitting human for breakfast!

One Day I want To Be Just Like Cassius

One Day I want To Be Just Like Cassius

A walk around Marineland Melanesia will broaden your knowledge and appreciation for these beautiful creatures and it’s a must-do activity to include in your Green Island, Great Barrier Reef Tour.

Located on the eastern side of Green Island Marineland Melanesia is a great attraction for all the family. Book and pay at the door and buy some souvenirs in the gift shop

For more information and to secure a booking, click here or call us on 1300 761 612.

Author: Leah – A Cairns Holiday Specialists Tour Specialist

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