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Jul 25

How to Help You Learn Chinese Language Effortlessly

Posted on July 25, 2010 by

China has long intrigued us with its cultural wealth, captivating traditions and its many dynasties. It is becoming the largest player in Asia in terms of trade and tourism; Mandarin language is the second language of over 40 million people of Chinese origin in the world. Learning Chinese is no more difficult than any other language. In fact, it is far easier in some ways. There are no verb conjugations to worry about. You need to be motivated to keep learning. It doesn’t matter what your motivation is as long as it is strong enough to keep you practicing.

Some Elements of Learning Chinese Language
1. Pinyin, the phonetic system of Chinese language, uses the Roman alphabetical system to represent each sound in Chinese. As you proceed further, remember that Chinese schools in London would expect you to master just 3000 characters. That all you are required to grasp in order to talk and read Chinese effortlessly!
2. Chinese symbols being non- alphabetic, are based on a syllabic system where every character represents a monosyllabic word. This explains the sheer density of characters in Chinese language.
3. Stimulate your imagination and look closer. You would surely see interesting pictures taking shape around the silhouettes of each and every character, that exactly is the spark that kick-starts your undying interest in Chinese language.

How to Learn Chinese Language
1. Learning to make up Chinese sentences. If you have no any foundation about this language, you need to learn the Chinese alphabet, trying to understand Chinese pronunciation first and correctly.
2. If you have learned some Chinese knowledge, you need to learn to use what you have learned. Try to speak Chinese each day for some certain time, like 30 minutes. In this way you can learn to speak this language more easily.
3. Learning Chinese must also learn Chinese listening. You can choose to use some sound language learning software to learn to listen, and also you can try to go into some language learning center to train yourself in listening. But at first, once you begin listening, you need to try to be familiar with everything you have learned about Chinese. T
4. Hearing and speaking lessons can be found on a DVD or CD, and many companies offer them online and in local book stores. To only learn how to speak a language, it could only take a month by practicing every day but writing or reading it could take a whole lot longer for fluency to come. Becoming fluent takes practice, and everyone learns at different paces.

The Reasons of Learning Chinese Language
1. China is fast becoming a superpower cannot be gainsaid. It is quickly becoming a dominant force in trade and foreign policy, a fact that international businessmen can ignore. To engage with China it is imperative that Westerners be able to communicate in the Chinese language. There is thus a need for diplomats to be able to communicate in Chinese because there are lots of diplomatic exchanges between China and the rest of the world.
2. Businesses are shifting rapidly towards China because of the cheaper manufacturing costs in China. Businessmen therefore have no choice but to learn the languages and cultures of China; arguably the best way of doing that is by going to learn Chinese words in China. The Chinese are definitely bringing some of their cultures and traditions to other countries.

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